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Get to know #TeamBustin and learn why we're proud to say that we develop our boards with the world's most creative riders.



Developed by world-class riders with unhealthy obsessions with speed and detail.


Bustin Custom Program Hand-Printed, Signed and Numbered by the artist.
Bustin longboards NY Push Series

Designed For You

Bustin Line Up, Longboards and Skateboards Crafted FOR ALL WHO PUSH

Our most popular board, the Maestro, features a forward positioned camber to create high rebound while pushing. It's simple and complex. It's a magic carpet skateboard that people around the world refer to as their best friend.
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Freeride / Downhill SERIES
Our Freeride and downhill boards are the direct result of our pro riders around the world. The new Hydro Pro Jonas Richter's Pro model inspired by his speedy surf style. Light, stiff, indestructible, and fully loaded kicktail.
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Hydro Pro Freeride and downhill longboard skateboard
Cruiser SERIES
Everyone loves mini cruisers, but our Modela26 is more than a toy. It combines all the fun of a tiny wheelbase with a usable tail & nose for when you get there. You're too old for toys, get a board to skate.
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Busitn Cruisers longboard
We make lots of boards, but we all have some strait skate in us. Our Double kick YoFace Series combines more pop than you're used to with versatile sizes and features so you get weird and still feel at home on your skateboard. Learn more
yoface 35