Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities at Bustin Boards

A short letter to interested candidates from CEO/Founder Ryan Daughtridge:
At Bustin Boards, we have worked hard over the last 12 years to build our company into a respectable, professional operation while still maintaining a laidback, peaceful atmosphere.  Our strong team of employees has beeen crucial in growing our brand and creating happy customers all over the world.  As we expand, our only criteria for new employees is that they strengthen this team.  We are ambitious to say the least, some days working hard into the evening if that is what it takes to get boards out on time.  We show up on time, well rested and well fed so that we can be focused and work at optimal levels.  We are your classic hard-workers and don't relate well to the contrary.  With that said, we are reasonable and laid back.  If we finish early on a Friday afternoon, we go skate.  Our objective first and foremost is to get the work done at 100% quality, but we do not believe in creating nonsense busy work when there is less to do.  Instead, we rely on the character of our employees to do what has to be done and put great trust in each member of our team to uphold the strength of our brand and operation.  
If you think you'll fit in and are willing to work for more than just money, please hit us up.  Send the requested items for each job and I'll contact you personally when we are ready to begin interviews for your specific position.  Our expansion will be taking place over several months, so many positions will not be filled immediately.  Thus, please don't call or email us fifty times to check the status of your application, frankly its really annoying.  When we have the position ready, we'll reach out to everyone who has shown an interest and fill the position with the most qualified individual.
These are exciting times for our company and we are stoked about the new team members who will join the cause.  
Thanks and good luck,

Upcoming Available Positions

Job Title - Video Intern
Hours - Contract
Salary - School Credit

Description – Growing longboard manufacturer seeks video intern to direct, produce and edit short skateboard films for widespread web distribution.  Must have own camera and workstation.  This position is for school credit (travel stipend included).  
-Enrolled in accredited college pursuing film
-Experience filming and editing action sports videos
Please send cover letter, resume, references, contact info (as word doc attachment) and link to reel/examples of work, with subject line “Video Intern” to