Spliff Reviews

"I just received my bustin spliff about 2 days ago and i need to say i am in love with it. the colors i chose where directly matched with how the board turned out, which is awesome. I have ridden this thing for 2 days and cannot get off it. when i received it in the mail, i ripped the box open and hopped on, in the pouring rain! i rode for a good hour through my town, and people where looking at me like i was crazy. My randal 180 and pink big zigs just turn almost as much as peoples heads when they see this thing. if your looking for a small board to commute with and throw in your school locker as i do, dont even wait, just get this board."

Jack Reynolds - Palatine, IL

"To Matt and the rest of the team at Bustin! Thank you guys so much, you have made my kids YEAR! Great service and the board looks great. Thank you again."

Neil Bason - Saint Helena, CA

"I LOVE THE SPLIFF BOARD! I am a college student and i use it to get to class and to shred the hills around my dorm. There is no board that is better for storing. I have had my Spliff board for about 7 months and it just broke after getting beat up day in and day out. I have ridden about 25 boards so far and i must admit that it is in the top 3 of those boards I've ridden. No other board has this ability to turn with the same stability. My board broke after and 250 pound kid kangaroo hopped a three foot chain and landed in the middle of the board about 35 times. I was about to cry when it broke but now i get to get a new bustin board. So its all good. I've ridden all the bustin boards so far and i cant wait to try the new strike. Im thinking that is gonna be a good Christmas present."

Garrett Shear - Platteville, WI

"Dear Bustin Boards, I just got my Spliff and I love it. I haven't had too much time to ride (cause it was raining when it came), but so far so great. I like the flex because its not too bouncy but not too stiff, just perfect. The graffic is cool and since there's only 100 made I can brag mines way cooler than my friends. It carves very well and has no speed wobbles. I would suggest this board to everyone, cause its a great size, flex, carver, and its awesome looking."

Johnny Dufrane - Timonium, MD

"Hey!! i love my bustin board spliff! i've had it for about a month now and it is the smoothest board i have ever rode! it is VERY good at turning. the flex is awesome on this board, im only 96 pounds and even i can get it to bend! its a very nice board if you just want to cruise around town. you guys are the best!"

Krystal Echak - Anchorage, AK

"I like my Spliff board assembled with Randal RII 180mm trucks and BustinBoca wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. The board is nice, I can switch the position of the rear truck, the wheels work nice and quietly. I can ride easy on the flat pavement (carving) and downhill as well. I can hear only my own breathing and very soft rubbing sound of the wheels against the pavement. That is great! Randal trucks are really stable. I tried to use Seismic trucks because they looks so nice and attractive and different than other. But I found out several disadvantages. The first thing is that they are complex trucks. If I want to fasten two trucks I have to turn 4 screws (that are really small) very precisely (I have no time to play that game). You can hear how the springs are working all the time (I don't like that). The springs take all the dirt from the pavement but it is not easy to clean the springs. It will be a disaster if you accidentally ride on the soil. After that you can go home to clean the trucks. And in general: the more complex the device is, the more problems you will have with it. The trucks are too complex to be practical."

Sigitas Ryliskis - Vilnius, Lithuania

"Matt! Its just awesome....breathtaking! If I compare the Spliff with the have to compare the incompareable. Its lighter but more stiff. It may be a lil bit too fast for me...but I just love riding it. A great Speedboard. To build up the board with Seismic Trucks and the new BOCA Wheels, is the best bet. My Girlfriend is now using the Spliff. Thanks a lot for equipping it with full ceramic/titanium bearings and the blue springs. The bearings are so fkn expensive, if you buy them here in Germany. Thanks again. "

Alexander Mai - Cologne, Germany

"Skating on the beat up streets of Maine has never felt so good. I thought I had lost skateboarding as a skill and love but this spliff is a truly amazing machine. I grew up with Powell Peralta and my first deck was a Steve Cabbalero batman, I will remember this new board as I remember that board. If I could just get the town to put high speed chairlift on that nice hill by my house I would spend all day out there. Great company, great site. "

Joshua Gamage - Rockport, ME

"To the Bustin Crew, I am a college student from Texas and I just bought a spliff, and I wanted to say thank y'all for the great service you provide. As a student your company is inspirational because it shows you can make your passion your livelihood. I will be in Washington D.C. next spring semester and the spliff will be my primary mode of transportation, cannot wait to carve up Pennsylvania Ave. Also, the graphics look great,I ordered the emerge design with a yellow tree and green and red sun with the back half stained green, and it came out exactly as I had hoped. So thanks again, and I'll be sure to tell anyone lookin' into a board where to look."

Josh (ridin' for texas outside of Austin) Pollock - San Antonio, TX

"I got my noard 2 weeks ago from you. dunno if you rmember but i was the dick who made you deliver it twice, for my friend the air hostess. First thing I gotta say is thanks for going through all the hassle - you a gem. The board is a dream. I'm gonna be honest and say that i didn't like it at first: was just too different to my only other board (a lush tula), but I picked up quite quick how much better it is on shitty streets - it just rolllllllls. Went for a bomb about the streets tonight and realised what I miss about the tula - it's just stable at speed (Newcastle is a steep-hilled hilly town). Saying that though, compared, the spliff is a masterpiece of board making. It's fluid and tight and - motherfuck -I can cover miles on it with close to zero effort. I thought it twitchy to begin with, but realise now that that's just responsive. Rock on and rock hard Bustin'. I hope you make a million dolars, Matt, and that Bustin goes on to spread the stoke far and wide. Thanks and thanks again."

John McMullen - New Hartley, United Kingdom

"Hi Matt, I had such a blast on the spliff this weekend that I had to give you a shout... I was out and about the entire weekend... found a few hills that were smooth and long. I was even in a miniramp with this puppy. What great performance! Nice flex and a positive feel. The seismics are cool, too! Like carving machines. Just had to thank you again for getting the board to me for the weekend! Catch you later,"

Rich Danielak - Bayville, NJ

"Just got my spliff in the mail this weekend and all I can say is this thing is so slick. I got the randalls on it just due to the amount of maintenance needed on the seismics. I love the look and the ride, especially with the Boca’s. You’re not going to win any downhill races on this thing but with a few tweaks on the trucks this will be your new favorite board. Ordered on Wednesday received it on Friday. Very prompt and very awesome, I will indeed keep bustin in mind when buying my next board."

Robert Sacoman - Hanover, MD

"Matt, I just got the board yesterday and I see your signature third down the list...VERY COOL. Needless to say once I got the board I was stoked to get my setup running and hit the streets. Not only did I love the graphics you guys did on the board, but I loved the ride of the Spliff. I've had boards from Sector 9 (Bamboo Padang), Gravity (Diamondtail 37), Flexdex (Slalom 30v),and Loaded (Vanguard), and I believe it's safe to say that I enjoy the ride of the Spliff over the rest. I put in a good hour session today after school and a lot of my peers gave some good compliments on the board. I just wanted to express my gratitude even more towards the Bustin fam in NJ/NY all the way from Southern Cali. If there's anything that I could ever do for ya guys, let me know. Take care."

Jason Fujioka - San Gabriel, CA

"Hey Matt I just received the board today and let me tell you its a thing of beauty. The paint job came out even better than I imagined. Thanks for putting the time and effort into this thing. Can't wait to ride it. Thanks man."

Jasper Huynh - Staten Island, NY

"I just received my Spliff in the mail today and just wanted to let you guys know that you did a great job on the board. It rides beautifully and was everything I expected and more. Keep up the good work and thanks for the great ride."

Nick Lloyd - Denver, CO

"I LOVE THIS COMPANY. I love my board. I love everything about it. Its short enough to carry it anywhere and it rides like nothing i've ever ridden before. If it weren't for the snow outside I would probably be outside riding all day. The board definetly made an impression on all my friends. They all wanted to ride it. I love how it is so low to the ground. My friend said that he felt like he was hovering on nothing and I agree with him. The trucks are amazing. It turns like a dream. I have a feeling that this board will stay with me for years. This is the kind of board that makes me decline getting rides home from friends just so I can ride it."

Jake Scott - Swampscott, MA

"Hi~! Matt! Thanks for giving me the t shirts and stickers!!! and great customer service. I bought alot bustin boards because I recommend it to all my friends, so they paid and wanted me to buy it together. I think I would buy more, and Bustin board is getting famous in Santa Barbara, California! Take care! Cheers!"

Donhyun Lee - Santa Barbara, CA

"My Spliff. All I have to say is wow. This board is a dream, it rides like a forty inch and carves like a snowboard. I love to ride this board anywhere. One kick and I'm flying. I haven't gone down any big hills but I have gone down a freeway bridge and this thing screams. I think I'm in love with this board. Thanks guys."

Kevin Krause

"Matt, yeeeeehaaahhh...i recieved my board today, you´re right, it looks great! But gives a special reason why do you mirrored the print? Hopefully a kind of "special edition" ;-) Anyway, it´s fantastic! Thanks alot, keep it up and till next time!"

Andreas Vogt - Krefeld, Germany

"Ryan, I really appreciated the time and effort you guys not only put into your product but your customer service as well. I can't say enough about how happy I am with my Complex and my Austin series Spliff. They are both incredible boards with their own special attributes. The Complex is the most comfortable, maneuverable board with the perfect amount of flex that I have ever ridden. The Spliff is perfect for everything, It's amazing how much it handles like a larger board, it's stable without the traditional twitchiness at speed normally attributed to most of the short boards that I've ridden. Now all I have to do is pick up a cigar and a sojourn and my collection will be complete....Great fit and finish on the boards as well."

Abe Daher - Oceanside, CA

"Ryan and everyone at Bustin, I can honestly say I love riding this board even more than I loved my very first skateboard 24 years ago when I was 12, more than my first bike when I was even younger. It's the coolest feeling I've ever had on pavement. I get around town on it and San Franciscans dig the graphics. I've had people asking to take its picture, and even with skating as popular as it is in this town, people recognize me by the board in random places, 'hey man, I saw you riding that down so and so street... that thing is awesome!' The graphics are awesome, the ride is bliss, and Ryan, it really was a pleasure doing biz with you. I hope I can help others find the same joy I get from your creation. Best of success to you all."

Robert Bautista - San Francisco, CA -- (SEE BOARD PICTURE)

"I got a spliff board two months ago and I just wanted to let you guys know how impressed I am with the board. It rides great and the quality is awesome as well. I was also surprised at how the design matches perfectectly with what I designed when i ordered it. I was wondering however if you were planning on coming out with new board art anytime soon and whether you are planning on coming out with any new board styles in the future. If you could let me know i would appreciate it and thanks again for a great product."

Carter Roberts - Bettendorf, IA

"You guys are amazing! The Spliff rides perfectly, the Seismic trucks look and FEEL so damn good. I have named my board "Candy" because thats what it feels like I'm riding on. I can't thank you enough for creating the sickest board now in California. Cheers!"

Ryan Shak - Cerritos, CA

"First and for most, I would like to thank you for providing a very unique service. I have never seen people who are so responsive with emails and very helpful with setting up the boards. I just want to say I really love your company and I will surely purchase more boards in the future. The messages on the box are so amazing. You guys are so stylish. Speaking of the ride. This ride is crazy dude. I took it around Stephen's green and the ride is so smooth. What was scary is that it keeps going and rolling. It's like something is pushing it on flat ground. Very impressive. The trucks are so responsive it's fantastic. The paris is the way to go. Just wanted to give you guys a shout and say that you guys really rock. Much longboard love your way. One small beef, you guys have to increase the bustin stickers quantity, this way we tag the place :D Hope you guys have a nice day, a super ultra satisfied Customer and Bustinboard friend."

Ahmed Al-Numairy - Dublin, Republic of Ireland

"Thank you so much for gettin my board to me so quickly. Not only does it look amazing but the ride it delivers, and the flex of the board is one of a kind... Cant wait to ride around town on it and draw attention, no doubt youre gonna be flooded with orders from my area because of the quality of my board. Thanx a load and you guys are amazing."

Sam Shapiro - Hanover, NH

"Got my Spliff this morning and I'm completely stoked, I have 12 boards now and this is by far the best I have ever ridden let alone owned, my mates are aching to have a go. I was nearly put of buying a Spliff because it is very small and I usualy prefer bigger boards, but this board rides like a 42'' and turns like a 25''. Thanks guys!! Keep up all the good boards."

Jake Bateman - Crediton, United Kingdom


John Brophy - London, United Kingdom

"I just got my Spliff this morning and WOW! Nothing can beat this board on looks and performance. I got at least four or five thumbs up by passing cars and I was only out ten minutes. This board feels great around the city and I'm planning on finding some good hills. The big Retro Zigzag wheels make the cracks in the road disappear and the Seismic trucks are so versatile. The custom paint job really made me feel like its one of a kind. All in all the Bustin team is amazing and I would like to see any other company treat there costumers with as much respect and produce such amazing boards. By the way...THIS BOARD IS BAD ASS!"

Stuart Lockett - Seattle, WA

"I got the spliff from you guys last week. The Paris trucks are ridiculously smooth. The shape of the board is the uniquely effective, hands down the most fun I've had riding in a while. I took it on a few steep streets, and it does not falter. Revolutionary, indeed."

John Sherer - Hartford, CT

"I got my board 2 weeks ago from you. Dunno if you rmember but i was the dick who made you deliver it twice, for my friend the air hostess. First thing I gotta say is thanks for going through all the hassle - you're a gem. The board is a dream. I'm gonna be honest and say that i didn't like it at first: was just too different to my only other board (a lush tula), but I picked up quite quick how much better it is on sh_tty streets - it just rolllllllls. Went for a bomb about the streets tonight and realized what I miss about the tula - it's just stable at speed (Newcastle is a steep-hilled hilly town). Saying that though, compared, the spliff is a masterpiece of board making. It's fluid and tight and - motherf_ck -I can cover miles on it with close to zero effort. I thought it twitchy to begin with, but realize now that that's just responsive. Rock on and rock hard Bustin'. I hope you make a million dollars, Matt, and that Bustin goes on to spread the stoke far and wide. Thanks and thanks again"

John McMullen - New Hartley, United Kingdom

"I've been riding my spliff with seismics and kryptonics for about a month now and there is only one word that can describe it: AWESOME!! its great for bombing, carving, and if you tighten the trucks up its not bad for DH either. The amount of flex in it adds a nice low ride to it and I love how it you can do these fast little turns on it or huge sweeping carves. The fact that you get to customize it too just makes it a 12 out of 10 instead of 11 out 10. I hope to buy a complex from you pretty soon and eventually a cigar as well. keep up the great work!"

Max Shakun - West Hartford, CT

"I bought a complex and a spliff. Both boards are well designed and are definately works of art. The complex has plenty of room on it. I like the fact that there is little bit of concave in the deck but it isn't too severe. It is a very easy riding board for cruising the neighborhood or for chasing your kids. I bought the spliff mainly to be used for carving and pumping through my neighbor's driveways. I love the full shape of the board, it feels wider then it is and with this full shape I found that I like riding it tail forward. Either way the board is easy to pump up to speed so if you like a small manuverable board this one is worth a try."

Wes Porter - Morehead, NC

"I just thought I'd thank you guys for the bad ass board i just opened up the other day. I got the spliff with seismic's and zig-zag's. I love it, it rolls and carvs just like i had hoped, and then some. It saves me so much time gettin to class it's unbelievable. I can feel the envy in everyone "walking" (pshh) as i fly past'em. The only problem i have is going to class, i don't wanna stop ridin it. "

Will Rechsteiner - Williamsburg, KY

"Mad respect to the Bustin Boys for making such sick boards. I have previously ridden loaded, gravity, sector 9, earthwing, landyachtz, and others so i can honestly say that their boards are unlike any i have ever ridden. My friend ordered the cigar and told me about the rep program so i thought i would check it out. I needed a smaller board for when i travel so i ordered the spliff. I was a little nervous cause i am 6'4" and 200lbs but this board can out carve any board i have ever ridden, the seismic trucks and 3DM wheels seem like they were made for the spliff. It is the omniflexicarvable ( most flexy/carvy ) board i have ridden. Thus i tip my hat and steer all that will hear to Bustin and their sick boards. P.S. these guys answered all my emails within 24 hours even returned phone calls. Support them and buy their boards."

Lawson Bunch - West Chicago, IL

"My friends and I are absolutely in love with our spliffs. They are quick, turn sharp, flex just right and they seem to lock my feet in place. My friend has been riding in the city alot since he goes to NYIT. He has a 5 hour break and he rode all around central park and down parts of broadway and he said it can handle it all, he had no problem with any of it. I've been cruising around my area and doing some mellow hills and its amazing. Yesterday we did something thats kind of like wakeboarding on land. My friend took his bike and i took a rope with a bar that we attached to it and went riding. It was like riding a never ending hill and i was able to carve like a madman. I took it to my local shop and everyone there loves how it rides. Thanks for the great board."

Jasper Pratt - New York, NY

"2 years ago a fell while bombing a hill and tore my PCL and needed knee surgery. It took me a long time to gain the courage to start boarding again, this time with the Bustin Spliff, 187mm Gullwing m1s, bustin abec7 bearings, and 80a Otang In Heats. They even slapped on some quarter inch risers to prevent wheel bite. I couldn’t have picked a better board for cruising and carving. It’s got such a unique shape and has proved itself as the smoothest and most fun rides of my life. Bustin couldn’t have been any more perfect, shipping the board with a free t-shirt, stickers and an issue of Concrete Wave."

Bryn Zarnowski - Los Angeles, CA

"After my good friend showed me his Bustin and let me borrow it a couple times, I knew I had to have one. I ordered the Spliff deck, which is perfect for cruising around campus (and carrying when I need to). When I received the deck, I was pleasantly surprised to find it ready-to-ride, accompanied by a free T-shirt (dope!)"
Nicholas Collett

"Received my board yesterday. Totally stoked at how it looks, custom design turned out awesome...fresh to death. Had a bit of a ride on it and it goes like a dream. I'm a first time boarder and this thing is a joy to cruise on, had the biggest smile on my face every push i took and every carve & turn i made. The setup i got was the Spliff deck, Paris 180's, Bustin Swift Freeride 70mm wheels and the stock standard turns supremely easy and one push and your gone. Summer in Australia is going to be extra amazing now that i got my Spliff board to cruise in the sunshine.

Thank you bustin crew for all your hard work. Helped me out big time with all the emails. Wicked respect!"
Grant Pidhaini