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Yoface 35 Deck - Andy NYC

For keeping it soulful and getting respect. For streets, for pools, for cruising.

Length: 34.7"
Width: 9.1"
Flex: Skate Stiff

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Yoface Classic

It's a big skateboard for kicking around, tech sliding, bowl riding and some moderate street style in between. For the latest version the tail shapes have been modified into a more classic popsicle shape for popping more technical tricks with ease. This kicktail board excels as a bowl and ramp rider and tech slider, and it doubles as a more technical board for large riders or people who just like big decks. Plenty of wheel clearance means you can roll bigger wheels but we suggest staying under 66mm unless you're planning to add more risers.

yoface hybrid longboard specs


7 plies of sustainable Canadian Maple, harvested from the Great Lakes region (meaning they have less distance to travel and less humidity / temp changes) are sandwiched together for a strong board with lots of pop.
Bustin Yoface  Deck  only longboard profile PIC
Bustin Yoface  Complete  only longboard profile PIC


The Yoface was designed for Indy-style trucks. We recommend Indepedent 169mm, Polar Bear 155mm or SurfRodz Indeesz 169mm. As for wheels, it all depends on what you're looking for. If you are looking for a skateboard to push around the city on without much freestyle or park riding, we suggest sticking with the 66mm Premier Wheels or 64mm Five-O Classics. For tech-sliding or park-riding, we recommend something smaller and harder. If you're unsure, fill our recommendation submission and we'll help you find the right setup!
Bustin Yoface  longboard profile PIC

Additional Info


  • Through-Concave Kicktails
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Sanded Wheel Wells
  • Snappy 7-ply Layup


  • 34.675” Long
  • 9.175“ Wide
  • 16.375” WB
  • .375” Concave
  • 7.175” Nose/Tail

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