Longboard Wheel Overview

No matter what board you ride, your wheels make all the difference. Longboard wheels vary from hardness (durometer) to shape to finish and choosing the right wheel is important depending on what type of longboarding you plan to do. If your just not sure, email us at skate@bustinboards.com and we'll help you out.

Longboard Wheel Suggestions

Bustin Premier Formula Series (66mm & 70mm) - For casual cruising, carving and pushing around, we recommend the Bustin Premier Series.The premier wheel is our best all-around longboard wheel and perfect for cruising around and very mild speed skating. The premier formula wheels shine whether you’re carving less than stellar pavement or you really want to stick that super tight corner. Traction is only broken purposefully, and when it happens, these wheels will slow down the rider the most. A very solid city wheel for making split decisions and sucking up road vibration or on the technical downhill where speed control and traction make all the difference.

Five-O Wheel Department (64mm - 73mm) - If you're looking for something more peformance oriented for sliding, freeriding or downhill longboarding, we recommend one of the wheels from the Five-O Series. Featuring Five-O's 80a ‘DumpThane’ formula, these wheels will provide buttery smooth slides all the way to the core. No Coloring, All Thane. Pure, honest, law enforcing thane means more grip through the corners and smooth slides when sideways.