We are busier than ever in the Bustin Labs, developing new things and improving old things constantly. Being in New York City, the mecca of design and innovation, we kind of get obsessed with research and development. So obsessed that we sometimes forget about our marketing and the importance of letting everyone know when new stuff drops. In response, we're launching the New S%#T page to make it easy for you to see our latest releases. As always, things move through our website and our NYC stores quick. If you see something you like, get down on it because it may not be available long. One Love from the Bustin NYC Crew!

Bustin X Wheelbase Present The "Longbeard"

The 'Longbeard' is a collaborative longboard born from the idea that skateboarding thrives when focused on community, creativity, and collaboration. Bustin Boards makes a range of quality skateboards, so of course we were more than happy to help design a radical Bustin deck when the opportunity presented itself. Together with Bustin’s experience in producing all types of quality skateboards, months of extensive prototyping sessions (skating!!!), and alas, an amazing graphic by skate-artist Kyle Rice, we proudly bring to you a limited edition longboard designed with fun and playfulness in mind. This board is big, it’s long, and it’s designed to shred a wide range of terrain, and of course with unmatched style and a lot of facial hair. Display it, skate it, enjoy The Longbeard!”

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Special Edition Blue Dip Sportster 36

For a Limited Time only
This Special Edition ThermoGlass sportster 36 is a team favorite and one of the best all around pusher out. Picture yourself rolling low and break slides with the ease.

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New Bustin 2014 Logo Tees

New Bustin Logo Tees are in-stock and are looking extra Fresh.
Natural Tan and Red color ways are here. These 100 Percent Ring Spun soft Cotton tees are sure to sell quick so get in and nab one while you can.

They are true fit tees not that tailored rib strangle kind!

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ThermoCarbon And ThermoGlass Construction
Science! That’s basically the best way to sum-up our new manufacturing process on the ThermoGlass and ThermoCarbon lay-ups. What we’ve done is to eliminate the (often toxic) wood glue / epoxy bonding material, and replaced it with a recyclable composite materials before superheating the entire board. This causes the composite to melt and impregnate the wood sandwiched between. Stronger, Stiffer, Lighter, and Greener!
The addition of CarbonFiber in the Sportster PRO makes this board the stiffest in the Sportster line, lending it to high speed riding. But it’s still low enough to push with next to zero effort!

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BGDK & RATARANG Are Now Available For Customizing... Create and Skate!

BGDK // Create Now

RATARANG // Create Now

The brainchild of Bustin Pro Rider Will Royce, we made 100 of these decks for Holiday as a rare special edition. BANG BANG !!!



The Royce Pro is equipped with an aggressive, progressive radial concave with mild elliptical W, mellow wheel flares, large wheel wells, pleasure ribs, and a sick through-concave kicktail. This board is ready to take on just about anything you could ever encounter on a skateboard. An extra short wheelbase option is thrown in as an ideal option for when Will takes on boarder-cross events.



Sniper Series Five-Os
The Bustin Sniper Series Five-Os are square lipped with a wide contact patch, offered in 66mm, 70mm, and 75mm diameters. Not only will they provide you with the super smooth, consistent, and controlled slides that all Five-O's share, but the larger contact patch and square lips will grip harder around corners, while the greater amount of urethane in these wheels will provide more resistance, control, and longevity.

NOW AVAILABLE IN 66mm, 70mm, and 75mm diameters

It's designed for downhill riding and sliding, but the addition of a nose and tail make this board fun for any riding situation, whether you're slashing through the urban terrain or bombing down a mountain. The concave stays aggressive from front to back, topping out at .66" in depth, with a gentle elliptical W concave that gradually becomes more prominent toward the center of the deck for finding your position in your tuck.


Paris V2 180mm Blue/Blue
The Paris 180mm is the all-around and perfect any terrain truck. These are able to handle anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. The 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. These Paris V2 180mm Blue/Blue trucks are built with 90a Divine bushings.


Five-O wheels are made with a brand new formula urethane that provides for extremely consistent, smooth slides and leaves buttery rich thane lines with little effort. No Coloring, All Thane. Pure, honest, law enforcing thane means more grip through corners and smooth slides when sideways. Riders will lean on these a little more before they release, and when they do, it will be as good as it gets. We chose to use a small, proven core that maximizes thane depth with no risk of cracking or blowouts. These wheels are ready to be beat up.


Orangatang Moronga are now available
The Moronga features a centerset bearing seat and a symmetrical shape to allow for complete flexibility in flipping and rotating your wheels to promote even wear. A narrow 35mm contact patch balances the wheel’s long sliding potential with a crisp and definitive hookup.

NOW available through the BUILD-A-BOARD PROGRAM
The deck is 9.5 inches wide up front and 9.25 at the first set of holes in the back, making the board feel very similar riding backwards as when regular. Rails on the Mekanik are razor sharp and will provide ample grip when freeriding and drifting around corners.
NOW available through the Build-A-Board programs -

Custom Build Setup // Build A Limited Edition Setup

NEW mekanik
NEW Fifty Calibers
The ultimate longboard truck. The Fifty Caliber is stable at high speeds while also having an optimal angle for making strong carves. The hanger is not only reversible, but when flipped there is no rake to throw off the ride. The bushing seats are symmetrical with an optimal setup for any style of bushing. The pivot of the baseplate is self-contained, keeping it from having any weakness. The Blood Orange Bushings (Ultra-High Rebound – 89a durometer) make for an ideal responsiveness. Perfection… NOW available through the Build-A-Board programs -

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NEW Seismic Speed Vents and 3DM Avalon Wheels
Seismic Speed Vents
The 73mm diameter 76A gives it the roll speed of a larger wheel, while the weight-saving hub adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound. Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the Speed Vent is utterly unique among high-end wheels. Breakthrough performance for longboarding, downhill, GS, and Hybrid slalom.

3DM 68mm Avalon Wheels
Great for all-purpose longboarding, cruising, and Old School styling, and one of the world's best all-around slalom wheels. Named after the legendary slalom racing site on Catalina Island, California, in the early and middle 2000s the Avalon won more elite races than all other brands combined.

Bustin SurfRodz CNC Indy 159mm Collabo
Behold, the 159mm INDeeSZ, Bustin Boards Edition. Surf-Rodz has been making top-quality billet aluminum trucks for years now, but it wasn't until late 2010 that the conventional-style INDeeSZ were born. These trucks were a new revolution in "precision" trucks, hitting a price-point that no other companies dare to compete with and offering more versatility and options than anyone in the market. The INDeeSZ were a hit with everyone who tried them. Originally offered with the standard 60mm x 10mm axles with two 5mm spacers on either side to space out all the way to 197mm, they provided the strong center of a conventional-style truck like an Independent or Bennett, but with a deeper and much more precise turn. Soon after, Surf-Rodz released a standard 8mm axle version of the truck, which did not offer the same versatility that the 10mm axle version had, but could fit all standard skateboard bearings and greatly simplified the setup with a fixed axle. These trucks have been much more popular with riders in the US

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The Bustin 75a Swifts have landed!
Made from a radical formula called Sameawesomethane, the 75a Swifts will benefit those who want to cut more speed during their slides. If you're on a super gnarly hill and are using your slides to slow down and you need to grip around the next corner going switch, these are the type of wheels that will give you the confidence to make that hill your lady dog friend. Same 70mm diameter, same stone-ground finish, same predictable and durable urethane. We've had a really great time with the 78a and 82a Swift wheels, and we just want to keep that going, but with more grip and more push-back during slides that only a softer durometer can give you. Sweet and simple. The harder wheels will allow you to learn how to slide easier, shoving them out with less effort. The softer wheels will push back the most, cut the most speed, and grip harder in corners, and the 78a Swifts are that perfect happy middle ground.

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busitn swift 75a
New SurfRodz/Bustin CNC RKP 177mm Collabo
The brand new collaborative truck from Bustin and Surf Rodz! Your prayers have been answered and now these bad boys are available now! Comes with free bushings in the delicious 89a SZ urethane and 45* baseplates for a solid combination of turn when you need it, and stability for those high speed runs.
Grab some today and exchange you cast RKP trucks and feel the difference that precision can make in your life. With no bushing hang-ups and total freedom of motion, your entire skateboarding world will be turned upside down.

NOW available through the Build-A-Board programs
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RKP Surf Rodz + Bustin 177mm collabo
New SurfRodz/Bustin CNC Indy 177mm
Behold, the 177mm INDeeSZ, Bustin Boards Edition. Surf-Rodz has been making top-quality billet aluminum trucks for years now, but it wasn't until late 2010 that the conventional-style INDeeSZ were born. These trucks were a new revolution in "precision" trucks, hitting a price-point that no other companies dare to compete with and offering more versatility and options than anyone in the market. Check out these Precision Longboard Trucks today.

NOW available through the Build-A-Board programs
Custom Build page // Limited Edition Build page
Surf Rodz + Bustin 177mm collabo

Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves Version 6
AVAILABLE NOW Our Price: $55.00
We are stocked up on the NEW Loaded Freeride Version 6 Slide Gloves. Updated with non-articulated thumbs for less chance of drag, synthetic suede palms and ergonomic finger shapes for a way better fit. Now, ever brighter, providing longer, technical slides. Breathable mesh top and removable EVA foam wrist cushion. Reflective lining, Velcro for the finger, palm and thumb pucks. UHMW round thumb puck and palm pucks, and hard plastic finger puck.

Loaded Freeride Slide Gloves Version 6 image

The "RoYce" Premier Formula Wheels
Our Premier Formula wheels have been a hit as an excellent downhill and freeride wheel both here in NYC and abroad. The new formula has a super high rebound and lots of long-lasting urethane, making them great for cruising and carving and sticking turns while still sliding predictably.
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royce premier formula wheels
Paris Trucks Are Back at Bustin Longboards NYC
Do you feel that vibration? That's not an earthquake; that's your future self jumping for joy because, yes indeed, Paris trucks are back in stock at Bustin Boards. We just got a fresh shipment of Black and Red 180's that are just begging to be designed with a sexy custom. Use the BUILD CUSTOM or BUILD LIMITED EDITION programs and get funky. Life is good once again.

Surf Rodz + Bustin 177mm collabo
Abec7 and Abec9
Bustin Abec7 < Abec9 Bearings Fly. Brand New Bustin Abec7 and Abec9 bearings have finally been released. We've been working on these for the better part of the year and have finally honed in on two styles of bearings that fast, quiet and darn durable. The Abec7 are significantly quicker and smoother than our previous stocked Abec7 option and the Abec9 are a brand new machine that will go toe-to-toe, mile-for-mile with any of the more expensive branded bearings on the market. If you want a solid upgrade and don't want to drop a weeks pay on bearings, the Bustin Abec9 is your performance option. Read more by clicking through the Components page.
Abec7 and Abec9

Premier Formula Wheels
Since these wheels dropped earlier in the summer, people have been continuously raving about the urethane and the feel of these wheels. Each durometer was designed to have its own feel and its own purpose.
Learn more on the Bustin Premier Formula Specs page.

Bustin Premier Formula wheels

Bustin Swift Freeride Series
The Bustin Swift freeride wheels are the latest innovation to come out of our Brooklyn Labs. We went back to the drawing board with these, using a new urethane formula and a larger hub designed to keep the urethane from overly flexing for controlled and predictable slides.
Learn more on the Swift Freeride Specs page.

Bustin Bustin Swift Freeride Series wheels