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Bustin YOFACE Kicktail Longboard Series

In 2012 we changed the game of hybrid skating when we introduced an all wood double kicktail longboard deck with fully integrated 3D wheel wells into a twin kicked design. Sanded wheel wells, 3D wells, and a tail that integrated into the concave at a radius to retain concave through the platform were some of its key features. This was all packed into a 35-inch all-around, bowl riding, trick popping design, and it has been a favorite ever since from customer and team riders alike.

For 2013, we have chosen to take everything that rocked about the original Yoface kicktail longboard, modify a couple small features for a little more versatility, and blow up the lineup to 3 different lengths to fit riders of all sizes and styles. Whether you're popping flip tricks on the streets, slashing lines in your local bowl, bombing and sliding down hills, or just straight cruising wherever it is that you gotta go, the Yoface series Kicktail decks are designed to do it all.

bustin yoface 35 double kicktail board

bustin yoface 39 double kicktail longboard

bustin yoface 32 kicktail board


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  • 35

  • 34.675” Long
  • 9.175“ Wide
  • 16.375” WB
  • .375” Concave
  • 7.175” Nose/Tail
  • 39

  • 39.5” Long
  • 9.5” Wide
  • 19-21” WB
  • .375” Concave
  • 8” Nose/Tail
  • 32

  • 31.675” Long
  • 8.675” Wide
  • 14” WB
  • .375” Concave
  • 6.75” Nose/Tail

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Bustin YOFACE39

Designed as the ultimate do-it-all deck, the 19-21 inch wheelbase will line up your wheels into the 3-dimensional wheel wells no matter what trucks you're riding, for whatever purpose. As a street kicktail deck set up with Indy geometry, this deck pops big ollies with style and provides ample landing space when landing more technical tricks. The curves lock you in tight on big slides, while the concave is relatively gentle on the feet for all day riding. It's big, it's forgiving, and it's ready to do literally anything you can think of.
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Bustin Five-0 full set

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Bustin YOFACE35

The original double kicktail longboard Yoface design has gone through a micro-overhaul, with a little more attention to detail aesthetically and a year's worth of experience put into the shape to function how our team riders need it to. The tail shapes have been modified into a more classic popsicle shape for popping more technical tricks with ease. This kicktail board excels as a bowl and ramp rider and tech slider, and it doubles as a more technical board for large riders or people who just like big decks. Plenty of wheel clearance, pop, and board feel provided by the endless curves. The OG is still a favorite among many.

Big shoutout to our friend and team rider Prince Lang for providing the steezy photo used in the graphic background. Checkout Prince's work at
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bustin yoface35 profile

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Bustin YOFACE32

Slightly shorter and fatter than your classic popsicle, this is an excellent deck for technical tricking at the park and street and kills it on the ramp as well. The 3D wheel wells provide extra clearance for larger wheels and excellent board feel for setting up more technical tricks with ease. The board has more pop than any 8.5 you've ever seen, and it will be an easy switch for technical skaters as a more forgiving and awesomely strong all-wood trick board. It is our first official popsicle deck, approved and applauded by skaters who know how to put it to the test, and we are damn proud of it.

Another shoutout to our friend and team rider Prince Lang for providing the steezy photo used in the graphic background. Killin' it Prince! Checkout Prince's work at
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Bustin yoface 32  profile
Bustin yoface 32 bottom profile Bustin yoface 32 side profile