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The new 36” Mission is a super chill, cambered board with a smooth, mellow flex and a responsive concave. The grab and go flexy cruiser that is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. Calm down, take a skate.

MISSION 36 top view

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  • Gentle Camber deck
  • Drop-through truck mounting
  • Bamboo snap-flex

  • 36” Long
  • 8.5” Wide
  • 26” WB
  • .25" comfy cruise concave
  • .25" bounce camber

  • Drop-thru
  • Pusher
  • Cruiser
  • Commuter
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MISSION 36 -longboard- specs


The Bustin Mission is a drop through, flexy cruiser that will comfortably take you where you want to go. Easy on the eyes, on the feet, and on the wallet, this is the board of choice for chill riders going for chill rides. The flex on this board will smooth out the bumpiest of roads, the concave is comfy for all day riding, and the micro nose and tail is great on the commute once you have reached your destination.
mission 36-longboard profile PIC


– For 2014 we’ve given the Mission a new size, as well as a new wardrobe. We’ve taken the classic sustainably harvested Maple and sandwiched it between two super poppy, super bouncy, plies of Bamboo. This gives an even snappier flex than the Mission of the past. Get on board and complete your Mission!
mission 36 longboard profile TOP PIC


The Mission is made to cruise and as such, we recommend a nice, carvy truck with it. Check out the Paris trucks or Bear trucks and set them up with some nice hard lipped wheels to ensure you get the grip when you need it pumping down the street.
mission 36 longboard profile PIC HEAD ON