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maestro mini

The best drop-thru mini on the market is extra fresh for 2014 with a new Black Limba and Maple layup. This lil' ripper is fun to push, easy to freestyle and even easier to stash in your locker. The perfect board for the NY Push and the NY Stash.


maestro mini Black Limba

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  • Drop Thru Mounting
  • Precision Flex Concave
  • Classic Ultra-low Maestro Ride

  • 34” Long
  • 8.75“ Wide
  • 20.75” WB

  • Freerider
  • Cruiser
  • Commuter


A compact, low, lightweight, versatile shape, this deck has been one of our most popular since it first came out. Large kicks make this deck super poppable, while an increased concave at the neck provides micro wheel flares as locators and a ton more strength. 8-ply design makes this deck stiff, while the low profile shape keeps it lightweight. The Maestro 34” is a favorite among urban commuters, freestylers, hallway rampagers, and micro-thrashers.


8 plies of sustainable Canadian Maple, harvested from the Great Lakes region (meaning they have less distance to travel and less humidity / temp changes) are sandwiched together into a curvaceous mould to give a solid, poppably stiff deck. Add a beautiful face ply of Black Limba for extra style and serve with a side of stoke.


For those of you looking for a stashable cruiser for getting around campus quickly, grab some RKP trucks and nice cushy 70mm wheels. Crush pebbles, curbs, and sketchy pavement with no problem!

If you’re looking to add a little pop to your game, go with an Indy 169 truck with small off set wheels, we recommend the 64mm 85a Bustin Five-0 for a good balance of pop and cruise!
maestro-mini-longboard-bottom-profile longboard