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The original Push Culture NYC board designed for fast, efficient pushing and hard, liquid, snowboard-like carves. Engineered with custom forward-positioned camber and twin kick tails, this longboard is a commuter's magic carpet and our most popular board ever.

maeast longboard deck image
Maestro 38


maestro Black Limba

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maestro38 specs

  • Drop Thru Mounting
  • Rockered Stance
  • Cambered Push Platform
  • Precision Flex Concave
  • Classic Ultra-low Maestro Ride

  • 38” Long
  • 9” Wide
  • 26.5” WB

  • Pusher
  • Freerider
  • Cruiser
  • Commuter


The classic Maestro is staying classy. 8-Ply design provides a mild flex. The rails have been squared off to provide a little more feedback from the rail of the board, and every detail has been combed over to create the most aesthetically pleasing design possible. Still incredibly low for easy pushing, still forward cambered for a lively push, still wedged truck mounts for an incredibly nimble ride.
maestro 38 profile bustin longboard


8 plies of sustainable Canadian Maple, harvested from the Great Lakes region (meaning they have less distance to travel and less humidity / temp changes) are sandwiched together into our classic Maestro mould for gentle flex when pushing. Add a beautiful face ply of Black Limba for extra style and serve with a side of stoke.
maestro38 top profile bustin longboard


The Maestro deck was built around and tends to perform best on a RKP truck, we prefer Bear and Paris due to the softer bushings, with 70mm wheels to provide the perfect balance of comfort when rolling over rough terrain and speed when the roads get smooth.
maesto38 longboard bottom graffic profile