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EQ 36

The new 2014 EQ is designed with the speed skater in mind. New shape, new concave, new drops, and a brand new game-changing layup make the EQ a force to be reckoned with. Now featuring elliptical “w” cave, 0° truck wedging for true performance, and a honey-comb core for extra strength and reduced weight. Adjust your sliders, the EQ is here...
eq longboard Profile
How To Buy
We offer four unique ways to get you shredding in style:

eq-deck $139Deck
-Laser Grip Applied
-Ships Same Day
eq-Complete $247Stock Setup
Board Includes:
-Caliber 50 Degree Trucks
-Bustin Swifts 70mm/82a Wheels
-Bustin Abec7 Bearings
-Bearings Spacers
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships Same Day
eq-Build-your-own-Complete $139+Componets
Choose your own trucks, wheels and bearings.
(Flash Required)
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships Same Day
eq Customize your own Complete $139+Componets
Full Customization Includes:
-Your Graphic Choice
-Your Color Choices
-Your Choice of trucks, wheels, and bearings.
(Flash Required)
-Hand-printed Board
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships 8 Business Days
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  • Honey-Comb Core tech
  • Lunar Micro-drop
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Black Limba Face ply
  • Elliptical W-Concave

  • Length - 35.875"
  • Width - 9.75”
  • Drop - .25” Lunar drop
  • WB - 28" - 29.5"
  • Concave - 9/16”

  • Downhill
  • Top-mount
  • Racer
  • Freeride
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Hollow Core EQ Bustin longboard- specs


To go fast. With the Ratmobile and Mekanik holding it down with top-mount racers, and the new Ibach slashing around with a double dropped stance, we knew we needed an in-between. The EQ bridges that gap between top-mount and drop-deck. With a .25” dropped stance, you get just enough curve for a wonderful foot pocket, while maintaining leverage over your trucks and there-by, maximizing grip. This board is for anyone who wants to crush hills, both in tuck, and sideways!
Hollow Core EQ Bustin longboard


The all new EQ with it’s all new mold deserved an all new layup. So we went above and beyond to make this a beast worth talking about. We’ve created a Honey-Combed core with hollowed out chambers that take almost a full pound off of the weight. The hexagonal layout, drawn directly from a beehive, means that we can space the chambers evenly and tightly. This structure and pattern of chambers maintains maximum strength and stiffness, while also providing maximum weight reduction. Bee’s have been building their hives the same way for A HUNDRED MILLION YEARS, why mess with a good thing?
Hollow Core EQ Bustin longboard TOP PIC


Fast trucks and wheels for a fast board! We recommend setting the EQ up with either Caliber trucks, or Cast Ronins. For high speed free ride, go with the Sniper wheel set, or, for beating your friends to the bottom, pick up a set of either premier formula, or for maximum speed, the 75mm Will Royce pro wheels!
Hollow Core EQ Bustin longboard PIC HEAD ON