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The BoomboxPRO retained the length of the original Boombox but has been beefed up with a more functional freeride design. It also sports our new ThermoCarbon layup featuring four individual layers of recycled Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.

break image New 2014 Bustin Boombox42 Series
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How To Buy
We offer four unique ways to get you shredding in style:

BoomboxPro-deck $179Deck
-Laser Grip Applied
-Ships Same Day
BoomboxPro-Complete $285Stock Setup
Board Includes:
-Paris V2 180mm Trucks
-Bustin Sniper 66mm/80a Wheels
-Bustin Abec7 Bearings
-Bearings Spacers
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships Same Day
BoomboxPro-Build-your-own-Complete $179+Componets
Choose your own trucks, wheels and bearings.
(Flash Required)
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships Same Day
BoomboxPro Customize your own Complete $179+Componets
Full Customization Includes:
-Your Graphic Choice
-Your Color Choices
-Your Choice of trucks, wheels, and bearings.
(Flash Required)
-Hand-printed Board
-Laser Grip Applied
-Fully Assembled
-Ships 8 Business Days
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  • Progressive Radial concave
  • Rocker through entire deck
  • Rocker off-set Radial drops
  • Fully symmetrical
  • Through-Concave Kicktails
  • State of the art ThermoCarbon Construction

  • 41.5” Long
  • 10” Wide
  • 28.5” – 29.5” WB
  • .625” Concave
  • .5” Radial Drop
  • .5” Rocker

  • New 2014 Bustin Boombox Series - Perropro and Bustin Boards
    New Boombox video w/ Toti and Perropro

  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Micro-drop
  • Ripper

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The Boombox has been one of our most sought after decks since it’s release. And for 2014 it’s even better! We’ve readdressed the shape and profile to reduce impact damage from missed tricks, we’ve adjusted the Rocker / Concave / Drop shape to eliminate truck wedging, and we’ve tightened up the wheel base just a touch to give you a little more kick. Add a touch more stiffness than past models and suddenly you can DH your freestyle deck as well!


The ThermoCarbon construction is our revolutionary new process for creating stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly decks right here in the USA. We start with 4 plys of Great Lakes Maple and lay them up with a proprietary thermo-active formula along with several layers of carbon and fiberglass cloth. The sandwich is then placed in an ultra high-heat, high-pressure press where the panels undergo a transformation process that essentially melds all of the plies together into one new material that can only be dismantled using the same amount of heat. The result is a nearly indestructible board made using no harmful glues or resins.
BOOMBOX PRO 42 THERMOCARBON -top-profile-longboard


Grab a set of Paris and round lipped 70mm wheels for crushing freeride spots and cruising round town. Then go for the Cast Ronin upgrade (Caliber’s work great too!) with 70-75mm square-lipped wheels for speed!
BOOMBOX PRO 42 THERMOCARBON -profile longboard