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Limited Edition Longboard Skateboards are our solution for people who just can't wait three weeks for one of our famous Longboards. And while the graphics are put on the longboard before you order, they are produced in true Bustin fashion. Instead of mass-producing our longboards with a single graphic each season, we make limited batches of boards with graphics designed by artists around the world. Graphics and color schemes can change on the fly, but the boards shown on this page are always current. If you want a sick longboard designed by a dope artist, build a limited edition and it will be on the UPS truck en route to your home within 3 days.

Designing Longboards At Bustin

Getting a Limited Edition Longboard couldn't be simpler. First, choose your skate deck from one of more than a dozen models, each engineered specifically for a certain type of ride - Bustin Brooklyn creates all-around models, cruisers, trick boards, downhill, freeride, and more.

Next, choose your components. We carry only the finest skater-tested wheels, trucks and bearings, including Bones Swiss Ceramic for the ultimate in speed, durability and reliability. Add on some freeride gloves, nab some lube and strap on the helmet for the complete package - and it's all ready to go within three short days.

Get creative in a hurry with a Bustin Boards Limited Edition Longboard Skateboard today.

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