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Limited Edition Bustin Longboard Skateboards are our solution for people who just can't wait three weeks for one of our famous Longboards. And while the graphics are put on the longboard before you order, they are produced in true Bustin fashion. Instead of mass-producing our longboards with a single graphic each season, we make limited batches of boards with graphics designed by artists around the world. Graphics and color schemes can change on the fly, but the boards shown on this page are always current. If you want a sick longboard designed by a dope artist, build a limited edition and it will be on the UPS truck en route to your home within 3 days.


Sportster 33 bustin longboards

New ThermoGlass Sportster 33 Longboard is a low riding, foot cradling shape of the original, packed down into a 33" length and layed up with our new ThermoGlass Construction featuring four individual layers of recyclable fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.
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$139 DECK

(Complete From $239)

Sportster 36 bustin longboards

For 2014 we updated our RDR (radial drop rocker) mold and flattened out the truck mounts. layed her up with our new Thermo-Glass Construction featuring four individual layers of recyclable fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.
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$149 DECK

(Complete From $249)

SportsterPRO Thermo Carbon bustin longboards

Sportster Pro Thermo Carbon longboard is a race-ready counterpart to our popular Sportster decks, this freeride specific version of the board is stiffer and lighter.
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$179 DECK

(Complete From $279)

Maestro Mini 34 longboards

The best drop-thru mini on the market is extra fresh for 2014 with a Special Edition Red DIP. This lil' ripper is fun to push, easy to freestyle and even easier to stash in your locker. The perfect board for the NY Push and the NY Stash.
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$89 DECK

(Complete From $197)

Maestro 38 black limba longboards

Maestro BLack Limba is the original Push Culture NYC board designed for fast, efficient pushing and hard, liquid, snowboard-like carves. Engineered with custom forward-positioned camber and twin kick tails, this longboard is a commuter's magic carpet and our most popular board ever.
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$99 DECK

(Complete From $205)

Maestro Pro Thermo Carbon bustin longboards

Maestro Pro Thermo Carbon longboard new construction leads to a snappier, crisper flex that opens up some higher speed possibilities that the previous Maestros just weren't as comfortable with.
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$179 DECK

(Complete From $279)

New Bustin Shrike bustin longboards


We're proud to introduce the Shrike deck, designed to be an all around speed/freeride/freestyle board! Learn more

$124 DECK

(Complete From $224)

boombox 42 Thermo Carbon bustin longboards

The BoomboxPRO retained the length of the original Boombox but has been beefed up with a more functional freeride design. It also sports our new ThermoCarbon layup featuring four individual layers of recycled Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple. Learn more

$179 DECK

(Complete From $275)

Ratarang bustin longboards

Bustin Ratarang is equipped with dual sided grom-killers, this deck is not for the light at heart. This is our brick-eating, shark-shitting, envelope-pushing hill masher. A touch of rocker, rocker off-set drops, and ample wheel wells for a fully symmetrical deck, ready to spin or bomb down hills. Learn more

$130 DECK

(Complete From $230)

Ibach 37 bustin longboards

Its super low platform makes for a great pusher. The rock solid stiffness all the way through the deck and low ride gives more confidence at speed and will break out into slides easily. Learn more

$130 DECK

(Complete From $230)

Ibach 39 bustin longboards

The double-radius drop allows concave to run through the entire platform creating a speed stiff design which combined with tub concave inspires controlled confidence in any riding situation. Learn more

$135 DECK

(Complete From $235)

BGDK 41bustin longboards
BGDK 41"

The BGDK is a perfect mix of all-around skate, freeride, and downhill mixed into one board. It's designed for downhill riding and sliding, but the addition of a nose and tail make this board fun for any riding situation, whether you're slashing through the urban terrain or bombing down a mountain. Learn more

$120 DECK

(Complete From $222)

Mekanik 35 bustin longboards

The Mekanik will be the deck of choice for top mount riders who want to stick tight corners, freeriders who prefer shorter wheelbases, garage bombers and riders with smaller stances. Learn more

$130 DECK

(Complete From $230)

EQ Hollow Core bustin longboards

EQHollow Core

Honey-Combed core with hollowed out chambers that take almost a full pound off of the weight. The hexagonal layout, drawn directly from a beehive, means that we can space the chambers evenly and tightly. Learn more

$139 DECK

(Complete From $239)

Hydro Pro  bustin longboards

The Hydro PRO Thermo Carbon is built around hills. Freeride and Downhill are really where it excels, and as such, we recommend using more speed friendly trucks like Calibers, or other low angle trucks. Learn more

$179 DECK

(Complete From $279)

Ratmobile Thermo Glass bustin longboards

The 2014 Ratmobile THERMO GLASS is a brand new beast. It may look very similar to the 2013 edition, but stand on it and your feet will swear it's a different deck. The new Rat has a brand new concave pattern that we're calling FluxCave. Learn more

$159 DECK

(Complete From $239)

Royce Pro bustin longboards


The Royce Pro is equipped with an aggressive, progressive radial concave with mild elliptical W, mellow wheel flares, large wheel wells, pleasure ribs, and a sick Through-Concave Kicktail. Learn more

$139 DECK

(Complete From $235)

Bruno Pro bustin longboards

The shape for Bruno's PRO model was inspired by classic, directional pool shapes; toned down for a subtly unique board. The wider shoulders help to catch your toe for flip tricks, while the longer nose gives very real pop to nollie or fakie variations. Learn more

$79 DECK

(Complete From $153)

Yoface 32 bustin longboards

The board has more pop than any 8.5 you've ever seen, and it will be an easy switch for technical skaters as a more forgiving and awesomely strong all-wood trick board. Learn more

$70 DECK

(Complete From $144)

Yoface 35 bustin longboards

The original double kicktail longboard Yoface design has gone through a micro-overhaul, with a little more attention to detail aesthetically and a year's worth of experience put into the shape to function how our team riders need it to. Learn more

$75 DECK

(Complete From $149)

Yoface 39 bustin longboards

Designed as the ultimate do-it-all deck, the 19-21 inch wheelbase will line up your wheels into the 3-dimensional wheel wells no matter what trucks you're riding, for whatever purpose. Learn more

$95 DECK

(Complete From $197)

Modela 26 mini cruiser  bustin longboards

Bust this mini cruiser longboard out for a quick ride to get coffee, or take it with you on your next weekend trip! The mini-cruiser thats Built To Skate, Not To Fake! Learn more

$129 Complete
Modela 33 mini cruiser  bustin longboards

The new city smasher edition is ultra portable with wheel flares so you can run more wheels than you'd ever think. Combine it all into a fully loaded, fully functional tail, and you get the ultimate in NYC street crushing. This is a 33" single kick skateboard that can shred from parks to streets to boardwalks. Go Skate! Learn more

$79 Deck

(Complete From $169)

Mission 36 bustin longboards

The new 36" Mission is a super chill, cambered board with a smooth, mellow flex and a responsive concave. The grab and go flexy cruiser that is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. Calm down, take a skate. Learn more

$109 DECK

(Complete From $209)

Mission 40 bustin longboards

Bustin Mission 40 is our most popular cambered board with a new Bamboo layup for more snappy flex and longer life and features a new graphic from skater/artist Ishtar Backlund! Strap in and go find your line. Learn more

$119 DECK

(Complete From $219)

Cigar 31 bustin longboards

The shape takes the form of a classic pintail functionally, with a more compact nose and tail for a more commuter friendly design. This deck is just plain fun to ride. For beginners and more advanced riders alike as an everyday cruiser. Learn more

$70 DECK

(Complete From $170)

Cigar 38 bustin longboards

The shape takes the form of a classic pintail functionally, with a more compact nose and tail for a more commuter friendly design. This deck is just plain fun to ride. For beginners and more advanced riders alike as an everyday cruiser. Learn more

$80 DECK

(Complete From $180)

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Designing Longboards At Bustin

Getting a Limited Edition Longboard couldn't be simpler. First, choose your skate deck from one of more than a dozen models, each engineered specifically for a certain type of ride - Bustin Brooklyn creates all-around models, cruisers, trick boards, downhill, freeride, and more.

Next, choose your components. We carry only the finest skater-tested wheels, trucks and bearings, including Bones Swiss Ceramic for the ultimate in speed, durability and reliability. Add on some freeride gloves, nab some lube and strap on the helmet for the complete package - and it's all ready to go within three short days.

Get creative in a hurry with a Bustin Boards Limited Edition Longboard Skateboard today.

Want something more custom? Build a custom board now!