When we began developing longboard wheels four years ago, our goal was to create something exceptionally better by the standards of serious skaters. Since then we've meticulously developed and refined a wheel lineup to stand alone, carefully tweaking shapes, specs and urethane formulas. Once a wheel finds its way onto your board, you know that it has been shred with a purpose by our team and passed many tests. We only put it out if we can stand behind it and are proud that some of the world's foremost shredders ride Bustin! Click any wheel below to get an overview.

Sniper Series FIVE-0

The Bustin Sniper Series Five-Os are square lipped with a wide contact patch, offered in 66mm, 70mm, and 75mm diameters. Not only will they provide you with the super smooth, consistent, and controlled slides that all Five-O's share, but the larger contact patch and square lips will grip harder around corners, while the greater amount of urethane in these wheels will provide more resistance, control, and longevity.
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Sniper series  full set

Bustin Five-0 full set


Introducing our new Five-O Series Longboarding Wheels. Five-O wheels are made with a brand new formula urethane that provides for extremely consistent, smooth slides and leaves buttery rich thane lines with little effort.
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Royce Premier Formula

The "Royce" Premier Longboard Wheels came as a result of our top downhill rider, William Royce, requesting the same wheel characteristics of the original 70mm Premier but with the greater rolling momentum and speed of a 75mm wheel. Due to Will's success on the downhill circuit and his undying devotion to Bustin Boards, it was only fitting that we dedicated the wheel to him, as we know he will be taking these through the finish line for years to come.
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Bustin Royce Premier Formula wheels full set
Bustin swifts full set


Swift longboard wheels are designed for freeride and sliding. The round inner and outer lips provide a smooth transition between grip and slip and the stone-ground finish allow you to go full-tilt even on your first slide. Our slide thane is quite durable, and as a result, we have provided softer wheel options for riders who want ultimate control during faster slides and more grip around corners when desired.
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Premier wheels are designed for downhill racing and sticking hard lines. The sharp 90 degree lips and wide contact patches grip the pavement when flying around corners. The urethane formula is ultra high rebound for the fastest of rides, and the inner and outer lips are thick enough to hold their shape when going sideways to smooth out slides.
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Bustin premier full set
Bustin boca wheels full set


Boca Longboard wheels are all-around cruising and carving wheels designed for the purpose of city commuting. Wide contact patches and large beveled lips roll over everything in their path. These wheels have incredible rebound for a smooth, fast ride. The thick layer of mold release will ensure long life of the wheel. Once broken in, they have a silky smooth slide and will leave lots of 'thane on the ground.
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