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Holiday Delivery Schedule

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Free US Shipping Ends 12/31 plus $20 OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Limited Edition Board? These are pre-printed boards that ship same day if ordered by Noon EST Monday-Friday. Check out our curent stock HERE
  2. What is a Custom Board? These are hand printed to order based on your design and ship within 9 Business Days. Click HERE and get creative.
  3. Why are the Shipping Dates so early in December? Because we custom build (and print for Customs) all boards by hand in our Broolyn Shop, it takes us a little longer to ship than your typical amazon-style website. The above dates guarantee that we’ll get your package to you Christmas Day.
  4. Is there anyway to order after these dates? We may make ‘Next Day Air’ option available as it gets closer to Christmas. Check your checkout page.
  5. I want to buy stuff but it’s too late... what am I to do? Gift Certificates are the golden answer. Click HERE for Gift Certificates.
  6. What about buying stuff in your stores? The Manhattan store at 132 Allen Street will be opened all through the Holidays. You can buy stuff thereright up until Christmas Eve.
  7. Why no the Brooklyn Store? Our Brooklyn Store is temporarily downsizing to make room for the expanded Holiday Shipping Department.