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We have a good friend that likes to say “If your not skating fast enough to wear a helmet, skate faster!”. The truth is that there is no reason not to wear a helmet. At Bustin, we’re focusing safety and offering you cool longboarding helmets at affordable prices. Whether your burning passed cabs in New York City or longboarding to class on a college campus, a helmet can save you when the unthinkable happens. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all said it and many still do, “I don’t wear a helmet because I don’t crash”. False. Like stealing from the candy store, if you do it long enough you're going to get busted. And if your still not convinced of what this could mean, please take a look at this story on our blog that was sent over from Michael Brooke at Concrete Wave.
A Commitment from Bustin

Cool and Safe Options! We understand that wearing a longboard helmet is a personal choice and we want to make that choice easier by offering cool longboard helmets at affordable prices. Check out our new selection of helmets chosen by our our NYC riders for both style and safety.

Discounted Longboard Helmet with Board Purchase. We think if that if your buying a new board, you should get a break on a new helmet. That is why we’re stocking up on the Matte Black Triple Eight Brainsaver and giving it to you for only $30 bucks when you purchase along with a Bustin deck or complete.
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Bustin is run by skaters, not business men. That’s why when we told our accountant we wanted to buy a ton of Triple Eight Brainsaver longboard helmets to sell for $30 he told us we were CRAZY! We disagree. We think that if your going to buy a new board from us then we can afford to hook you up with a quality longboard helmet at a wholesale price.

And this is no plastic toy helmet, this is the same Triple Eight Brainsaver with patented Sweatsaver liner and multi-impact construction. We’re even throwing in a die-cut Bustin helmet decal making this a helmet you can rock in style for years to come. We look out for our customers like you look out for us!

To get the deal, just add a board to your shopping cart and you will be redirected to the "Special Deals w/ Board Purchase" page.
Triple Eight NYC Longboarding Helmets
Triple Eight is an awesome company based right here in New York City and has grown into one of the best brands in the world. They have built a reputation by offering innovative, reliable products in fashionable styles.

We are currently offering their Brainsaver Rubber helmets with patented Sweatsaver liner. This is a cool and affordable multi-impact helmet for mild to moderate extreme levels.

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Bern Helmets
Bern is another East Coast company dedicated to innovation and style. We have been selling Bern helmets for a few years now and have tons of satisfied customers. Our riders love the patented visor design and adjustable fit inserts.

We are currently offering the EPS models of the Macon and Watts helmets. This is a hard impact helmet designed for total protection against even the hardest of falls.

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