Complex longboard

The evolution of our vision
The pride of Bustin Boards, this board is the most versatile board on the market today. Its unique shape is meant to add performance to comfort. The centrally dispersed concave grips your feet, while the springy camber rebounds with just the right flex. Its long wheel base makes it feel like a much longer cruiser, but its innovative contours make it turn like a carving board.

A great first board, the Complex carves like a dream but it stable at moderated speeds. If you looking for a board that can do anything and is just strait fun to ride, this is it.

Note: To avoid wheelbite, we do not recommend using wheels larger then 70mm on the Complex.

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bustin longboard complex reviews
"The Bustin complex board is the sickest riding experience I have ever had. Nothing can compare to the Bustin complex. I've ridden many different long boards but this tops the list by far. I had the sector nine, loaded, and many other long boards and this one is my favorite. So trust me if you want a long board get a Bustin long board, you wont regret it!"
John Hoffman - Fairfield, CT

"Just wanted to shoot you guys an email letting you know how awesome the new Complex is. I've ridden a lot of my friend's boards and I have to say this board has felt better than any of them. If (and when) I eventually decide to get another board, I'm definitely going Bustin'. Thanks guys."
Zackary Darwin - College Station, TX
header video
Here is a cool video shot by our friend Sergi on the streets of NYC. People often compare the ride of the Complex longboard with snowboarding and this video shows why. Check out Travis Davenport and crew longboarding on the concrete snow.
This is a super chill video of Mike Dallas kicking around town in Hoboken, NJ. This video really shows the mellow flavor and style of the Complex for sidewalk surfing and longboard commuting.
This video features several longboards, including the Complex but we wanted to include it because there is some very cool Complex follow footage. The best thing about longboarding in New York City is the family that we have to skate with.