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build a limited Modela longboard

Part city shredder, part trickster, part surfy carver/cruiser, and part hill slashin' freeride machine, the Modela can do it all. And do it well. Learn more

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bustin EQ limited edition longboard

Bustin EQ is limited only by the outermost walls of the imagination. Combined radial drops and rocker allows this longboard deck to ride as low in the center as a flat drop-through deck. Learn more

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$100 DECK
bustin ratmobile limited Edition longboard

The Ratmobile is built for speed. The top mount design provides more grip ,response and increased control in slides. Widest near the front of the platform, providing maximum leverage over the front truck. Learn more

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$104 Deck
bustin ibach 37 limited Edition

Ibach 37 is a sick do-it-all deck to take on your every day adventures. The rock solid stiffness all the way through the deck and low ride gives more confidence at speed and will break out into slides easily. Learn more

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$104 Deck
mission 40 limited Edition longboard

Drop through pusher great for cruising around the city and campuses. Super comfortable standing platform and a cambered concave construction for great flexability and a little bit of stiffness. Learn more

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Getting a Limited Edition Longboard couldn't be simpler. First, choose your skate deck from one of more than a dozen models, each engineered specifically for a certain type of ride - Bustin Brooklyn creates all-around models, cruisers, trick boards, downhill, freeride, and more.

Next, choose your components. We carry only the finest skater-tested wheels, trucks and bearings, including Bones Swiss Ceramic for the ultimate in speed, durability and reliability. Add on some freeride gloves, nab some lube and strap on the helmet for the complete package - and it's all ready to go within three short days.

Get creative in a hurry with a Bustin Boards Limited Edition Longboard Skateboard today.

Want something more custom? Build a custom board now!

Handmade in the USA