Surf-Rodz Collabo

Precision Trucks

Introducing the Bustin/Surf-Rodz Collabo Series of CNC'd aluminum precision longboard trucks. We worked hand-in-hand with our friends over at Surf-Rodz to dial in these setups so that they are smooth and sexy right out of the box. The main difference between Surf-Rodz precision trucks and standard cast trucks is this: you will not replace these trucks. They're incredibly strong, being made out of solid aircraft grade aluminum and perfectly milled with ultra-precise CNC machines, meaning there's no slop in the truck. When we use the term precision longboard trucks, we mean it. Everything fits together to the millimeter because it was designed that way, and there is no room for error. They also come pre-greased, keeping you squeak free for months before any maintenance is required. Every movement happens because it is intended, and mistakes only happen when you make them, not because your equipment fails you. On one hand, this gives you a lot less room to blame your equipment when stuff goes wrong! On the other, this gives you tons more control. If you don't think there is a difference between CNC'd precision trucks and cast aluminum trucks, you will after you ride them.

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