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SportsterPRO ThermoCarbon

The premium version of our 'do it all' crusher. With added durability and stiffness, the Sportster Pro wants to get fast and sideways.

Length: 37.5" / Width 10" / Flex: Stiff

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Sportster Pro ThermoCarbon

The race-ready counterpart to our popular Sportster decks, this freeride specific version of the board is stiffer and lighter with our new ThermoCarbon design. For those of you who love the Sportster shape, but want something a little racier. We’ve added a small nose and tail to the Sportster in order to protect your expensive race trucks in a worst-case-scenario, a couple layers of Carbon Fiber to dial in the race stiffness, and wrapped it all up in a sleek, sexy, brand new graphic from artist Colby Snyder.


The ThermoCarbon construction is our revolutionary new process for creating stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly decks right here in the USA. We start with 4 plys of Great Lakes Maple and lay them up with a proprietary thermo-active formula along with several layers of carbon and fiberglass cloth. The sandwich is then placed in an ultra high-heat, high-pressure press where the panels undergo a transformation process that essentially melds all of the plies together into one new material that can only be dismantled using the same amount of heat. The result is a nearly indestructible board made using no harmful glues or resins.

Note: The addition of CarbonFiber in the Sportster PRO makes this board the stiffest in the Sportster line, lending it to high speed riding. But it’s still low enough to push with next to zero effort!


The Sportster series is built around using RKP trucks with any of your favorite wheels. We do recommend keeping wheel size under 75mm to eliminate wheel-bite, but we have found that most set-ups come bite free! If you want to use TKP trucks, opt for a larger wheel to maximize road clearance.



  • Progressive Radial concave
  • Rocker off-set Radial drops
  • Fully symmetrical


  • 37.5” Long
  • 10” Wide
  • 29.5” WheelBase
  • .625” Concave

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