A compact drop-thru pusher with a low stance and a comfortable, responsive concave perfect for city kicking or campus crushing.
Length 33.00" / Width 9.75" / Wheelbase 26.56"
SPORTSTER Bamboo-X Longboard bustin boards
  • PUSH

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sportster longboard like water over rocks


Designed For || Waiting for the bus takes too long, bikes are too big and bulky once you get to where you are going, and walking is just too slow (or as we like to say in the warehouse #walkingisforsuckers). Out of these transportation failures our Push Series boards were born. Also known as the "Ferrari Pusher", the Sportster takes the cake as the staff favorite for its overall functionality and flat-out sex appeal.

“Sporting” a fork-nose drop through truck mounting system paired with an oh so subtle drop that together put the pushing platform right into that money zone. This incredibly stable pusher simplifies dodging in and out of traffic with an agile and responsive ride which also translates well to fulfilling those light free ride desires along the way.

Construction || Our updated Bamboo-X construction combines wood from two unique species of sustainably harvested Bamboo along with strategically placed Maple cross-grains for torsional support. The three species of wood, each with their own unique flex and strength characteristics, work together to create a board feel that is both responsive and predictable.

Setup Guidance || For those simply looking to use this board for its commuting capabilities either 215mm Traditional Kingpin Trucks or 180mm Reverse Kingpin trucks paired with 70mm or larger wheels will give you the performance you are looking for. For those who still may want to get slideways every so often, going with the 180 RKP’s and a set of 70mm or smaller wheels is the line for you.

For all around goodness, we recommend standard Paris 180 trucks with Bustin Premier 70mm or Five-O Sniper 70mm wheels (you won't be disappointed). For a sikly, speedy right we suggest upgrading to the one of the Bustin Built-In bearing options.

Team Comments || Upon introducing this board years back into our line up it quickly became the go to shape for the Bustin Street Crew to push between skate parks in the city. The efficiency during commutes combined with the ability to throw snappy carves on demand solidified this sled as one of our favorites. It's a low ripper pushing fast but with great concave for getting effortlessly sideways. We love that its compact and stashable, but has a stretched platform to give you plenty of room to manuever. If you want a board with torque like a Porsche and flow like a longboard, this is it.

Latest Customer Reviews ||
"I picked up one of your Sportster boards last year while on vacation in New York. I was a beginner longboarder and told the guy at the store that I wanted to learn powerslides. He recommended the Sportster and it has been truly awesome. I recently upgraded to some Sniper LE' wheels and they are sick! All the kids in my neighborhood are getting Bustins." Davis from Harrisburg, PA.

"The Sportster has been hands down the best board I've ever owned; and I own alot. I feel like I can do anything on this board from hills in my neighborhood to pushing to class. Its so rad, thanks to everyone for my beautiful custom board." James from Roanoke, VA.

"I don't know what I'd do without my Sportster in NYC. Now that I've experienced the kick-push zen of skate-commuting, I can barely stomach the bus on rainy days. There is a nice 1-mile incline from my street to the city limits and carving that stretch is the perfect wake-up activity to start my days. Thanks guys, push-culture 4life!" Jeff from Jersey City, NJ.

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Sportster longboard skateboard bustin boards


  • Board Length............32.93”
  • Board Width ............9.79”
  • Wheelbase ............30.00” - 26.56”
  • Concave ............0.65”
  • Drop ............0.50”
  • Rocker ............0.30”
sportster Longboard skateboard bustin pic two
sportsterLongboard skateboard bustin pic three


  • Progressive radial concave
  • Drop-through truck mounting
  • Radial, dropped platform
  • Rocker through entire deck
  • Fully symmetrical
  • Stiff and light Bamboo-X construction
David Anders ripping through the city on a sportster longboard Sportster - Bustin boards Longboard Leon jumping a bench in NYC with bustin sportster longboard skateboard