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Sportster Mini

For pushing fast and staying lean. A compact commuter/freeride swiss army knife.

Length 33" / Width 9.7" / Flex Medium/Stiff.

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The Sportster is one of the most popular boards is our lineup for a reason. It was originally designed to be the swiss army knife for the urban/suburban skater, sporting a low, push-friendly platform combined with a foot-locking, symmetrical design for freeriding bliss. Now we have an updated mold, new shape, new construction, new graphic, new style, new steeze, same comfortable, cushy ride that made it a crowd favorite.

This year the Sportster has gone back towards it’s roots, but by way of innovation and freshness. We've dialed back the rocker / drop platform a touch to get a little more clearance, while maintaining the 0-Degree wedging that makes the board so functional despite the low ride height. Add to that a flossy new graphic by Colby Snyder and the Sportster is a whole new family with the same great feel that has made it one of our most popular boards.

Custom Sportster Mini


This year's Sportster is constructed using 9plys of the finest, sustainably harvested Great Lakes region maple.  Each piece of veneer is hand selected and cold-pressed using our proprietary formula glue.  After being pressed, the boards are CNC cut before being hand routed and sanded by a skater like you.  After the graphics are screened, each board is double sealed with an eco-friendly lacquer that keeps your board dry and protected.  Oh yeah, and all that happens right here in the USA, because we're cool like that.  
Sportster Mini longboard profile PIC
Sportster Mini  longboard profile PIC


The Sportster series is built around using RKP trucks with any of your favorite wheels. We do recommend keeping wheel size under 75mm to eliminate wheel-bite, but we have found that most set-ups come bite free! If you want to use TKP trucks, opt for a larger wheel to maximize road clearance.



  • Progressive Radial concave
  • Rocker through entire deck
  • Rocker off-set Radial drops
  • Fully symmetrical


  • 33” Long
  • 9.75” Wide
  • 26.5” Wheelbase
  • .625” Concave
  • .5” Radial Drop
  • .25” Rocker

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