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Shrike - Limited Edition

Our "Quiver-Killer" deck. From the streets to the mountains, there’s very little the Shrike cannot and will not destroy!

LENGTH - 38.25”
WIDTH - 9.38"
WHEELBASE - 22.00 - 24.88"

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The Shrike—the longboard to end all longboards—will leave all of your other decks hanging, forgotten, and sulking quietly against the wall. We’ve muscled and moulded bamboo & canadian maple layers together to create bends and curves in the Shrike that have never before been realized in a skateboard deck. With a rockered spine, and dropped rails, we’ve created contours—described by our board builder Dr. Bubbles, as “Venusian Dimples”—which work to lock your feet into place when needed, while still allowing for incredible board-feel. This extraterrestrial deck also includes adjustable wheelbases for adjustable riding speeds, double kicktails for wild rotations and gravity-defying maneuverability, as well as lock-in pockets for relaxed, effortless riding. The Shrike must flow!
Bustin shrike bamboo-x
Bustin shrike bamboo-x side view
Bustin shrike bamboo-x bottom view

Additional Info


  • Progressive Radial Concave
  • Top-Mounted Truck Mounting
  • “Not-Dropped” Drop-W Platform
  • “Venusian Dimples” - Love Pockets
  • Adjustable Wheelbase Options
  • Fully Symmetrical
  • Fully Functional Kicktails
  • Wheel Flares
  • CNC Routed Wheel Wells
  • Stiff and Light Bamboo-X Construction

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