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LENGTH: 36.000" // WIDTH: 9.971" // WHEELBASE: 26.000” - 28.875"

Made from a combination of our best construction materials to date, and the innovation of our international team, the Shotgun is the most intelligently designed Downhill skateboard available.

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DESIGNED FOR - Speed. If you find yourself on top of mountains often and you’re only truly alive with wind ripping past you as you mob down said mountain, then the Shotgun is for you. Developed in conjunction with some of the fastest skaters in the world - the Shotgun is designed to push the limited of gravity induced speed. Every bend in the wood, direction of the grain, and application of materials has been with the goal of creating the ultimate Downhill racing and freeriding board. With innovations never before seen in the skateboard world, this board has been years in development and in that time, we’ve been able to fine tune it into one of the highest performance boards we’ve ever built. The Shotgun is designed to fill the need for speed


CONSTRUCTION - ThermoWeave is the next step in Fiber-Composite materials. Instead of using a glass epoxy resin to cure the fiberglass used in the Shotgun, we’ve instead used a recyclable thermo-reactive material which provides all the stiffness and strength of traditional FiberGlass, while adding a vibration dampening quality that greatly reduced leg and foot fatigue for extended runs or all-day racing. The ThermoWeave HollowCore version also features our premier HoneyComb HollowCore technology - an intelligently designed core panel with void-patterns shaped specifically to reduce the most weight while maintaining more strength than other hollow-core construction techniques.

RECOMMENDED SET-UP - We recommend using a stiffer, or lower angle truck with the Shotgun, as it truly is most at home at high speeds, and stable trucks go hand-in-hand with that notion! Caliber or Paris RKP trucks will work well, but your favorite downhill truck will also work great! For wheels we recommend something in the 70mm - 75mm size with sharp lips for extra grip and speed existing corners. With the substantial wheel-wells you will need little if any riser to run most wheels you could think of, especially with trucks tuned for stability! In racing and speed applications the Bustin Built-In bearing really shines, the built-in spacer providing security in the knowledge that your bearings and wheels are performing to the best of their ability.

Additional Info


  • - Reverse Radial Drop
  • - Directional Rail Ripples:
  • -Rear Elliptical W-cave
  • -Rear Wedge-Drop
  • -Flush Mounting
  • -CNC Wheel Wells


  • -LENGTH: 36.000"
  • -WIDTH: 9.971"
  • -WHEELBASE: 26.000” - 28.875"
  • -WEIGHT: TermoWeave: ~ 5.05 lbs
  • -WEIGHT: ThermoWeave / HollowCore: ~ 4.25 lbs

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