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Royce Pro 64mm Five-O Wheels


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Royce Pro 64mm Five-O Wheels

Candidate Bill Rice supports a small, freeride wheel with a supportive core.  He voted for "DumpThane" formula and has sworn to protect freestyle skating AND graded roadways worldwide.  He created a wide, freeride-friendly core to provide the smoothest of slides and ushered in a new era of thane lines that rip across the road with more consistency than your neighborhood librarian.  Bill Rice made this wheel for you.  Bill Rice believes in you.   Royce Pro 64mm Five-O Wheels

Additional Info

  • Diameter - 64mm 
  • Contact Patch - 35mm 
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Stone Ground/Pre-Broken In - Yes 
  • Thane Lines - Damn Right I Did! 
  • Lips - Round 
  • Core Placement - Ever-so-sllightly offset.. basically center. 
  • Uses - Slow to fast freeride + mellow downhill + freestyle.

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