Our most efficient pusher is also our easiest board to ride... and it is newly updated to be faster and stronger than ever. Full Specs Below >>
Length 36.35" / Width 9.01" / Wheelbase 29.00” - 29.75"
NOMAD Bamboo-X Longboard bustin boards
  • PUSH

-limited edition
-ships same day
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  • Push-friendly Double Drop Design
  • Gentle Tub-Concave
  • Symmetrical Shape
  • Stiffer, Stronger Bamboo-X Layup (new for 2017)
  • Adjustable Wheelbase Options
  • Now Available as Full Custom or Artist Limited Edition

Designed For || Waiting for the bus takes too long, bikes are too big and bulky, and walking is just too slow (or as we like to say #walkingisforsuckers). Out of these transportation failures our Flagship Push Series boards were born. Also known as the "Uber Low", the Nomad is the most popular pusher because of its ultra low-stance, making it a breeze to kick/push/carve through your waking life.

A design triumph in the push world, this double dropped drop-thru board was born and bred for crushing commutes while still being able to throw in a steezy carve or two along the way. Featuring a steady and stable pushing platform, this board offers comfort whether you’re just ripping around the corner or in it for the long haul. Its low down, large platform design makes it inherently easy for anyone of any skill level to enjoy the kick/push zen of commuter skateboarding. Whether your brand new or looking for a new brand, this is the perfect board if you're ready to break out of the box of your daily commute.

Construction || We've updated the layup of the Nomad increase strength and add a touch of stiffness, resulting in a super strong, high-rebound pusher. Our updated Bamboo-X construction combines wood from two unique species of sustainably harvested Bamboo along with strategically placed Maple cross-grains for torsional support. The three species of wood, each with their own unique flex and strength characteristics, work together to create a board feel that is both responsive and predictable.

Setup Guidance || When mashed up with 180mm Reverse Kingpin trucks, the open wheel wells allow for endless wheel size and shape combinations. Experimentation will dial in exactly what size and shape wheel works best for your unique cruise to carve ratio. For the best out-of-the-box ride we suggest the standard Paris 50 degree trucks with Bustin Premier Formula 70mm or 75mm Wheels. For a sikly, speedy ride right out of the box we suggest upgrading to the one of the Bustin Built-In bearing options.

Team Comments || Due to its super low pushing platform this is the go to model for Team Bustin when we know that there is a long distance to cover ahead of us and not a lot of time. Showing up to the session or to work with energy left in the tank due to the efficiency of the Nomad’s design makes it a no brainer to snag off the rack before heading across town. Pushing skateboards is good and good for you, and the Nomad makes it easy for anyone to push to where their going.

Latest Customer Reviews ||
"Loving the Nomad deck here in Brussels. It is really smooth and great for traveling around the urban areas. Great design and we love the custom graphic treatment." Jean from Brussels, Belgium.

"The Nomad is really the ultimate distance pusher. I have used mine for almost everything from going to class to going to my girlfriends house more than 4 miles away. Its great exercise and it really grabs people's attention. I get asked about it all the time and I tell everyone about Bustin :)" Michael from Cleveland< OH.

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NOMAD  longboard skateboard bustin boards


  • Board Length............................................36.35”
  • Board Width................................................9.01”
  • Wheelbase....................................29.00” - 29.75”
  • Drop.............................................1.2” Drop (wow)
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