A compact, drop-thru pusher with hard-carving concave and small, lively kicktails. Full Specs Below >>
Length 33" / Width 8.60" / Wheelbase 20.00"
MAESTRO MINI Bamboo-X Longboard bustin boards
  • PUSH

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Maestro-Mini Bustin boards Longboard profile


  • Board Length ............33.00”
  • Board Width ............8.60”
  • Wheelbase ............20.00”
  • Concave ............0.41"
  • Profile ............Radial Concave
  • Nose ............3.00"
  • Tail ............3.00"

Designed For || We designed this board to be an all-around, go-to longboard for small-to-medium size riders wanting to mix up their skillset. If your shoe size is smaller than 12 and you're looking for a board that can push fast and carve hard, you've found it. We added a healthy dose of radial concave to lock you in and give you ample leverage over your trucks, making you carve harder and even learn to slide like a pro. We also included dual kicktails at proper skate geometery so you get your #SkateEverything mojo warmed up. The Maestro Mini is hands-down one of our most popular decks for smaller riders young and old. To top it off, its small size makes it easy to handle whether your stashing under your desk or in your locker.


  • Radial Concave
  • Drop-Thru Truck Mounting
  • Fully Symmetrical
  • Full Functional Kicktails
  • 3D Moulded Wheel Flairs
  • Light and Lively Bamboo-X Construction
  • Now Available as Full Custom or Artist Limited Edition

Construction || Our updated Bamboo-X construction combines wood from two unique species of sustainably harvested Bamboo along with strategically placed Maple cross-grains for torsional support. The three species of wood, each with their own unique flex and strength characteristics, work together to create a board feel that is both responsive and predictable.

Setup Guidance || This board was designed for RKP trucks and 70-75mm wheels, but is extremely versatile and can feel good with many different setup combinations. For the best out-of-the-box ride we suggest the standard Paris 50 degree trucks with Bustin Premier Formula 70mm or 75mm Wheels. For a sikly, speedy right we suggest upgrading to the one of the Bustin Built-In bearing options.

Team Comments || The Maestro Mini has been a part of our family of boards for nearly 5 years. Each year we make improvements based on the feedback coming from our staff, our team of pro riders and our customers around the world. This board is used by so many people in so many different ways. Our crew at the HQ uses the Mini for whipping around the warehouse and riding across town to lunch. 8-year old grom team rider Jacsen Kutik uses it for freestyle commuting and even shreds parks with it in New York. S many of our customers simply use it to get around school and swear by its agile, compact design. We're super proud of this board and stoked to recommend it to anyone looking for a small, all-around ripper.

Latest Customer Reviews ||
"I had the original Maestro Mini 32" a few years ago and I loved it! Recently I picked up your latest Bamboo-X edition and I am very pleased with the updates. The larger tails make it possible to ollie onto curbs and the new laser grip-tape is sexy as hell. As always, I had to customize it and love the new graphics as well. Good work boys!" Ari from New Jersey.

"I got a Maestro Mini for my 12 year old who was upgrading from a cheap board we got on Amazon. I had seen some of your younger riders on Instagram riding this board and I was really impressed with what they could do. We customized his board with all blue, his favorite color, and we were really impressed with the artistry of the design and craftsmanship. Tell Max he did a great job! You guys rule, I'm coming back from my Maestro soon!" Ted from Conneticut.

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