Maestro Series

The leader in push technology.

When we first unveiled the original Maestro longboard in 2010, we changed the way people thought about a commuter skateboard. Forward positioned camber offered a pushing advantage that few had experienced and the Maestro quickly became our most popular board. This year we're proud to unveil the new Bamboo-X Series Editions for your pushing pleasure. Learn about them all here and grab one while you can, certain models will sell out quickly.

Maestro-6 Longboard skatebaord -  bustin boards


The current zenith of urban commuting, the new Maestro 6 is designed to get from A to B while having the most fun possible.

Maestro-6 longboard details


The sixth generation of our flagship push board.

For 6 years running, the Maestro collection has been the prize jewel of our line. This is the Bustin board that everyone had to have back in 2010 and 2011, a demand that took us from a small basement brand, to the global Skate Everything brand we are today. Designed to conquer the rugged streets of NYC, the Maestro’s unique features and concaves make it a master of the concrete jungle. With forward-mounted camber to help generate power in your push, lively and light-weight Bamboo-X construction adding even MORE speed, wedged truck-mounting to increase responsiveness, and drop-through mounting bringing you and your push closer to the ground, the all new Maestro-6 is the best urban commuter hybrid on the market. Facts. BUYING OPTIONS
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Thrash it and stash it! The Maestro Mini is the perfect, portable fun machine.

maeatro mini longboard details

Maestro Mini

The latest edition of our ultra-low mini kicker.

The Greatest City in the World is what spawned the Maestro Mini – The Greatest City Slasher in the World. This stripped down, no-nonsense version of the classic Maestro is stashable, thrashable, and ready to conquer any terrain you throw at it. With our all new, super tough, Bamboo-X layup, the city is your canvas, get painting. BUYING OPTIONS
maestro pro Longboard skatebaord -  bustin boards


A radial-drop version of our urban commuting champion, the new Maestro PRO is designed to get you there fast, and with enhanced functionality.

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Maestro Pro

Bamboo-X Series

Fueled by the desire to further explore the skateble terrain surrounding us, the Maestro PRO manifests our drive to develop new styles of riding and develop heightened levels of functionality. The Maestro Pro balances stability, performance, and versatility. We’ve added. . . to increase . . and overall board feel. The . . . were/was also updated for added . . . under rigorous riding. The . . . facilitates . . . without interfering with . . . With its . . . and . . . the Maestro PRO is easy on the eyes as well. But you'll need to ride this board to fully BUYING OPTIONS