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Maestro Kyoto Complete

Small batch (only 25 made). Hand-printed Japanese folk art inspired graphic.

Built with our most popular push/carve/cruise setup: Paris Truck Co. 180mm trucks, Five Wheel Co. 70mm Sniper wheels & Bustin Abec-9 Speed Bearings.

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2017 Bustin Maestro-6 Board (setup details):

- Special Edition Paris Truck Co. x Bustin Collab Trucks (matte black).

- Premium Five-O Wheel Company 70mm Sniper Wheels.

- Team Favorite Bustin Abec-9 Speed Bearings.

Why choose the Maestro?

Waiting for the bus takes too long, bikes are too big and bulky once you get to where you are going, and walking is just too slow (or as we like to say in the warehouse #walkingisforsuckers). Out of these transportation failures our Push Series boards were born; and leading the pack is the Maestro. Featuring a directional forward camber that maximizes the forward momentum out of every push, this board is the Cadillac when it comes to commuting convenience.  A responsive drive paired with a mellow, comfortable concave give you the comfort and control needed for those last few miles back to Brooklyn. 

Overall this board is designed for the entry-to-mid level rider looking for a fast, fun way to cruise around their town or college campus.  The design geometry makes it carve effortlessly while the forward camber provides 20% more power from every push.  The Maestro has been our best selling board for over 6 years and this 2017 Bamboo-X edition is our finest version to date.

Our updated Bamboo-X construction combines wood from two unique species of sustainably harvested Bamboo along with strategically placed Maple cross-grains for torsional support.  The three species of wood, each with their own unique flex and strength characteristics, work together to create a board feel that is both responsive and predictable.


Recent Maestro Reviews:

"My friend had a Maestro and after I tried it I was hooked.  I was riding a cheap longboard I got from Zumiez, but I got a Maestro for my birthday and never looked back.  Because of us everyone in my neighborhood is getting Bustin Boards and I see so many people pushing in my town.  I'm really glad I found out about you guys and I'm always available to help out here Northern Virginia."  Riley from Vienna, VA.

"The Maestro changed my life!  No seriously, I work in Manhattan and used to spend 1/2 an hour each morning sitting in the miserable stone-faced subway car with a million depressed people crammed in with me.  After I got the board I started pushing around the park and finally worked up to the bike path.  Now I'm so comfortable on this thing that I push to work almost every day (unless it rains or snows).  You guys f*cking rule, thanks!"  Tom from New York City.

"I grew up skating a penny board but wanted something more functional for college.  I had heard about the Maestro Pusher from some friends and my parents let me build a custom as a graduation gift.  This thing is a dream for getting around school and blowing off steam when more courses get stressful.  Keep up the good work Bustin homies!"  Kyle from Blacksburg, VA.

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Designed, Built and Hand-Printed in the USA. This offer expires when our inventory is gone.

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