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For all your adventures between Point A and Point B. For flex, for fun, for flying.

Length 38" / Width 9" / Flex Medium.

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Maestro Classic

When we first unveiled the Maestro longboard in 2010 we changed the way alot of people thought about a commuter skateboard. The forward cambered and drop deck design provided for a uniquely awesome riding experience for all-around commuting and city menacing. A large percentage of those who stepped on the board fell in love and have become some of the most loyal Bustin supporters we have.

The Maestro is the original Push Culture NYC board designed for fast, efficient pushing and hard, liquid, snowboard-like carves. Engineered with custom forward-positioned camber and twin kick tails, this longboard is a commuter's magic carpet and our most popular board ever.

Maestro Spec longboard

Construction This year's Maestro Classic maintains it's proven 8ply Canadian Maple construction for a mild, responsive flex and long life.  The rails and tails have been slightly squared off to provide a little more feedback during slides, and every detail has been combed over to create the most aesthetically pleasing design possible.  Still incredibly low for easy riding, still forward cambered for a lively kick/push relationship, still wedged truck mounts for incredibly nimble ride.  Dyed veneers, refined shape, and a new graphic make this the most awesome Maestro yet!  

Setup Advice All Maestro decks are built around and tend to perform best on a RKP truck, we prefer Bear and Paris due to the softer bushings. For wheels, we say go for 70mm wheels to provide the perfect balance of comfort when rolling over rough terrain and speed when the roads get smooth. We recommend the Bustin Premier 70mm or Five-O Sniper 70mm.

Customize Your Maestro Our full custom longboards are hand-printed, signed and numbered by the artist.  Interactively choose your graphic, color scheme, grip options, trucks, wheels and bearings.  It's awesome, trust us.  Note:  You must have Flash enabled on your computer to use the customization program.  


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  • Drop Thru Mounting
  • Forward Positioned Push-Camber
  • Classic Ultra-low Maestro Ride


  • 38” Long
  • 9” Wide
  • 26.5” WB

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