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Limited Edition - SV4 Crown Tag Red Dip

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Sojourn V4 Hybrid Longboard

As you can see, we've been burning the midnight oil at our Brooklyn Labs and burning up urethane in the streets of New York City coming up with so many fresh designs and redesigns (and re-re-re-designs). The latest evolution is the 4th Edition of our popular shortboard/longboard hybrid deck, the Sojourn Version 4 (otherwise known as SV4). For this round we've made several tweaks to make the board more responsive and more durable. In addition we're now offering the ultra-durable fiberglass edition along with brand new Limited Edition Quick-Tag graphics done by local Brooklyn graffiti writers. Its a lot of change to take in, we know. But we guarantee that if you're looking to step up your freestyle game, this board will take you to the next level. For more details, read all about the what, why and wow of this board below.
Why Four Versions?
Creating a good hybrid longboard is not an easy task. The truth is that the gap between longboards and shortboards is dificult to bridge. Finding the balance has been our goal with the Sojourn board and the latest version is the closest we've come to longboard/shortboard love. We've balanced more comfortable foot space over the trucks, with a functional, responsive truck mount geometery. This means the board pushes and glides more like a longboard, but ollies and lands more like a shortboard. We've tweaked the contours giving you more forward positioned 'push camber' while also steepening the tail, give you more leverage and pop. This means the SV4 cruises and carves better than before while also giving you more tail for bigger, smoother tricks. Here in NYC you won't find many longboarders who weren't shortboarder's first and it has been their relentless vision that has brought the Sojourn to its 4th revision. Enjoy!
sv4 longboard evolutions
New Graphics
For the SV4 graphics we really wanted to do something that represented the style of the gritty, New York City skater. We partnered with a 10 graffiti writers from across Brooklyn and came up with this quick-tag concept. The inspiration were the graffiti covered walls, mailboxes and box trucks that we skate past everyday here in NYC. Being a New York skater your natural environment is artificial; the concrete as your the landscape and the graffiti is your flowers.

The new limited edition graphics are only available on the Limited Edition Orange Dip 7ply Maple version AND the Limited Edition 5ply+Fiberglass version. This graphic is not available in the custom graphics portfolio (sorry). Special thanks to each of the artists who contributed to the collaborative quick-tag graphic!
sv4 longboard graphics
Nose Job
The first major focus of change for the SV4 was the nose. On previous versions the nose was wedged to create a slalom-style geometry. Across the board, riders have concluded that a flat geometry on the nose is much more versatile and responsive for this deck and our testing has proven so. The Sojourn is more responsive than ever with both Indy style and reverse pin trucks. The second reason for flattening the nose was to create a flat spot above the trucks for landing tricks Because of the wedge, it was dificult to land on top of the trucks when coming down from a big trick. With the design the nose is more functional and more comfortable. We asked riders what the biggest change to the board should be and they said 'give it a nose job'. That we did.
sv4 longboard nose
Tail Update
"Bigger tail, steeper tail, bigger tail, bigger tail". The hard part about giving a longboard a bigger tail is that it looks exponentially goofier with each inch you add in length. For the SV4 we managed to add a solid inch to the tail and give it significantly more steep while still maintaining the sleek, compact design that the Sojourn was made for. The new tail gives you more leverage and control for increased trickability.
sv4 longboard tail
Camber/Concave Update
Though camber/concave wasn't a huge focus in the redesign, we did make some noteable changes to improve the ride. We moved the camber forward slightly to create a strong push reflex and added a touch more concave overall. What does this mean? It means the SV4 is more of a beast for push culture skating whether your pushing through traffic or carving through pedestrians, the SV4 hybrid longboard is more responsive than ever.
sv4 longboard concave
New Laser-Cut Grip
This spring we're introducing new, laser-cut grip across our product line. The new grip is designed to give you the same aesthetic design while increasing traction and durability. For the SV4, that means full grip on the nose and tail where you need it for freestyle riding.
sv4 longboard grip
New Styles, Same Roots
At Bustin we're all about progression and are obsessed with taking our products to the next level of engineering and design. We eat, sleep and breathe skateboarding and are constantly tweaking and changing our processes to make better products at better prices. Nonetheless, we do this all out of a love for life and our principles come first. To this day, all of our boards are made at our small East Coast woodshop using sustainable materials and processes. We're proud to be able to say that our boards are "Made in the USA for the WORLD" because that means we know exactly how their made, who is making them and what they are made of. It's about integrity and without that we'd just be another company flipping dollars. We hope that you agree and that you support local business in your hood.

One Love from the Bustin Crew!
sv4 longboard roots



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