Everything starts with an idea and a push. Bustin Boards was started in 2001 by a 21-year-old Ryan Daughtridge who was determined to push the boundaries of skate and longboard design. During the past 13 years our company has grown by insisting on outside of the box ideas, believing in those ideas and pushing ourselves and our technology to achieve those ideas. In 2015, we'll be searching for others who are doing the same. We're stoked to launch a new initiative designed to highlight and expose talented skaters, artists and musicians around the globe who push the limits of their craft. Stayed tuned, it's going to be an epic year and we'll be bringing you as many rad skaters, artists and musicians as we can find. Right now we're stoked to unveil December's featured skater, artist and musician:


Noah Fischer is a Bustin Roots Rider hailing from Ventura County, California. Noah's style evolved from the tight, technical canyons that the Santa Monica mountains have to offer. Stepping up from the 2013 EQ, Noah shreds on the new EQ HollowCore, Aera trucks, and Five-O thane all day. I would say you can catch him on the west coast, but you gotta be fast. Oh yeah, and he'll be 17 on January 1st, making him one of our youngest riders in addition to one of our fastest.

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In 2008, after a suggestion from a Facebook friend to check out this artist in Pennsylvania, we found Colby Synder and commissioned him for an art piece we called the "Evil Duck". The graphic graced the bottom of our first edition Maestro boards and remained, in various forms and color combos, as one of our most popular graphics for nearly 5 years. During that time we lost touch with Colby, but were reconnected with him this summer to find him creative and well as a successful (and very busy) tattoo artist in Hanover, PA. We are thankful that he made some time in his busy schedule to work with us on a new project that involves none other than new graphics for the Maestro series. Thanks Colby!
bustin featured artist colby Snyder


J Roddy Walston & The Business is a rock and roll band based in Richmond, Virginia. J Roddy and the boys marry loud, dirty, harmonies with performances that will have your feet stomping and the roof burning! We love their style because they create their music for you to get rowdy, have a good time, and lose your voice in the process. When we set out to make a video about our custom board process earlier this year, we hit up J Roddy first! The song "Heavy Bells" pairs their passion for music with ours for creating one of a kind art on skateboards and couldnt be a better backdrop to custom board shop behind the scenes tour. Since then we've featured J Roddy songs in a few videos and look forward to more collaboration in the future!

Buy his bands music or go see them on tour, learn more at their official website.



Bamboo Mission vs HydroPRO
We at Bustin make supremely engineered boards for every type of riding. Whether it's carbon fiber downhill board designed to go 70mph or a flexy bamboo cruiser board designed for liquid carves, we don't produce a board until every detail is perfected. That's probably why over 70% of our customers are return customers. For those who haven't tried our boards, we want you to understand the feeling. That's why each week in December we're giving away two boards to two luck winners. To enter, just join our For All Who Push Newsletter and we'll post the winners to our Facebook Page every monday and notify the winners via email.
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In the pursuit of smooth, snowboard-like carves we have created the
Bamboo Mission Series. We've been perfecting cambered layups for over 10 years and are stoked about all of the awesome feedback we've gotten on the 2014 Mission!


Our freeride and downhill boards are the direct result of our pro riders around the world. The new
HydroPro is the brain-child of Brazilian racer Jonas Richter. It combines our super light, super stiff ThermoCarbon layup with our freeride/downhill friendly flux-cave concave and a micro-tail.