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EQ - Hollowcore (graphic blemish)

Lighter than ever with a brand new concave. Go fast, get sideways, kill hills.

Length: 36"
Width: 9.75"
Flex: Speed Stiff

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eq downhill freeride longboard

EQ - Hollowcore

The EQ is the Micro-dropped, top mounted speed board du’jour. With a subtly lowered platform to provide additional stability without sacrificing grip or leverage, the EQ is ergonomically designed for both DH tuck and Freeride battlestance positions. A honey-combed hollow-core construction, inspired by bees, makes this beast deceptively light, perfect for nailing your line. Artist Series graphic by Mexican artist Demencia Beivide. EQ - Hollowcore layout pics


The EQ features our signature “Honey-Comb Hollow-Core” (HC2) construction. This unique lay-up incorporates a chambered core ply. We’ve joined forces with the oldest builders in the world - honey bees - to create a pattern of hollow chambers that would significantly reduce weight, while maintaining maximum structural integrity. We then sandwiched this super light-weight core ply between good old Canadian Maple to create a super stiff, super light, downhill speed machine. Combine this with aggressively progressive radial concave and a perfectly mellow, yet noticeable w-bubble and you’re left with a no-nonsense, dedicated speed board.
bustin EQ  longboard profile PIC
bustin EQ  longboard profile PIC


SETUPS As the EQ is designed around speed first and foremost, we recommend it with stable trucks and grippy wheels. Cast Ronin’s are our personal favorites, but any low angle truck will feel superb at speed with the EQ. Grab a set of larger 75mm wheels like the Blue Premier Formulas for straight forward downhill momentum, or opt for a slightly smaller 70mm if you plan on charging corners and pre-drifting hairpins.
Bustin EQ poster

Additional Info


  • Honey-Comb HollowCore
  • Lunar Micro-drop
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Elliptical W-Concave


  • 36.07" Long
  • 9.74” Wide
  • .33” Lunar Drop
  • 26.55" - 29.55" Wheelbase
  • .66” Concave

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