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SurfRodz/Bustin CNC Indy 177mm Collabo - set

Longboard Trucks
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SurfRodz/Bustin CNC Indy 177mm Collabo //
Behold, the 177mm INDeeSZ, Bustin Boards Edition. Surf-Rodz has been making top-quality billet aluminum trucks for years now, but it wasn't until recently that the conventional-style INDeeSZ were born. These trucks were a new revolution in "precision" trucks, hitting a price-point that no other companies dare to compete with and offering more versatility and options than anyone in the market. The INDeeSZ were a hit with everyone who tried them. Originally offered with the standard 60mm x 10mm axles with two 5mm spacers on either side to space out all the way to 197mm, they provided the strong center of a conventional-style truck like an Independent or Bennett, but with a deeper and much more precise turn. Soon after, Surf-Rodz released a standard 8mm axle version of the truck, which did not offer the same versatility that the 10mm axle version had, but could fit all standard skateboard bearings and greatly simplified the setup with a fixed axle. These trucks have been much more popular with riders in the US due to the lower price point and simplicity of design.

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This is where Bustin Boards comes in. Surf-Rodz contacted us about doing a collaborative truck. We wanted to offer a custom color scheme on the fixed axle INDeeSZ that was ready to go on a complete at a price that couldn't be beat. Surf-Rodz worked with us to create a beautiful truck, normally $129 without bushings, to go on your complete setup for only $120, including the Surf-Rodz blue medium barrel/cone bushings.

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The difference between Surf-Rodz and standard cast trucks is this: you will not replace these trucks. They're incredibly strong, being made out of solid aircraft grade aluminum. If the trucks get ran over by a car and the axle is bent, because it is a 3-piece truck, you can replace the axle only and you're back in business. The pivot on the Surf-Rodz INDeeSZ is perfectly set into the cup with 0% wiggle, meaning there's no slop in the truck, and it comes pre-greased, keeping you squeak free for months before any maintenance is required. Every movement happens because it is intended, and mistakes only happen when you make them, not because your equipment fails you. On one hand, this gives you a lot less room to blame your equipment when stuff goes wrong! On the other, this gives you tons more control.

robot longboard setups imges

The INDeeSZ respond exceptionally well to wedging. Your Strike or Maestro will turn like it never has before. They also run very low, making them ideal for push racing setups. They are extremely tippy trucks with a strong center that makes them stable at medium speeds yet very turny once engaged. Because the turn almost never stops on the INDeeSZ, even those who have never slid their longboard before will find it very easy to slide with these trucks. Simply turn the board more than the wheels are willing to grip, and you will swing the tail end out. Once you get the hang of it, you will improve your form and be able to slide with less effort and more control. Ibach and Robot riders will love the way these feel on their boards. There simply is nothing else on the market like them.


Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum
CNC Indy 177mm Collabo

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