Custom Maestro

Designed for fast, efficient pushing and hard, liquid, snowboard-like carves. Engineered with custom forward positioned camber and twin kick tails, this longboard is a commuter's magic carpet and our most popular board ever.

$99 DECK

($201 - $230 COMPLETE)

Custom Maestro Mini Longboard

Our most-popular mini cruiser longboard got a brand new design with a new, foot locking mold and concave throughout the kicks for strength. This lil' ripper is fun to push, easy to freestyle and even easier to stash in your locker.

$89 DECK

($179-$230 COMPLETE)

Custom YoFace Skateboard

The Nomad is here to wander. With a lust for exploration, and an easy-going, super low ride height, this deck is our brand new offering For All Who Push.

$129 DECK

($230-$230 COMPLETE)

Custom YoFace Skateboard

The new Yoface 35 is an oversized skateboard with 3D wheel wells built into the concave allowing for larger wheels. Radial concave extends into the tail for big pop and big tech sliding fun. Get rad, go skateboard!

$75 DECK

($165-$215 COMPLETE)

Custom MISSION Longboard

Our popular cambered Mission longboard has been updated with a new Bamboo layup for more snappy flex and longer life. It is designed for smooth, liquid, snowboard-like carves whether on the boardwalk or the hill.

$119 DECK

($223-$265 COMPLETE)

Custom MISSION MINI Longboard

The smaller mission is a super chill, cambered board with a smooth, mellow flex and a responsive concave. The grab and go flexy cruiser that is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes. Calm down, take a skate.

$109 DECK

($215-$245 COMPLETE)

Custom MODELA 29

A mini-cruiser designed to ride like a longboard. Bust out the Modela Mini for a quick ride to get coffee, or take it with you on your next weekend trip! It’s mini-cruiser that is Built To Skate, Not To Fake!

$59 DECK

($160-$265 COMPLETE)

Bustin Custom BOOMBOX longboard

Everyone asked for a smaller Boombox and we came through in a major way. The new 38” Boombox is more trickable and all around more lively. Constructed with our new ThermoGlass layup featuring four individual layers of recyclable fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.

$159 DECK

($252-$409 COMPLETE)


Jonas Richter's Pro model inspired by his speedy surf style. Light, stiff, indestructible, and fully loaded kicktail.

$179 DECK

($230-$430 COMPLETE)


The all-new Ratmobile hit the gym in the offseason, losing some weight and adding some muscle. Add a revolutionary concave with our new Thermo-Glass Construction featuring four individual layers of recyclable fiberglass heat melded with sustainably harvested Great Lakes Maple.

$129 DECK

($274-$389 COMPLETE)

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custom daily winner

Each custom longboard is hand-printed, signed & numbered by the artist then double sealed with eco-friendly lacquer. WATCH THE VIDEO

custom rider developed

All boards are developed by team bustin. Push faster, carve harder and have more fun with longboards made to perform. MEET TEAM BUSTIN

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Everything You Need To Know About The Build A Longboard Process

Since we first began making boards in 2001, our focus at Bustin Boards has been to build custom longboard skateboards that meet the highest standards of design and engineering for riders of all styles and experience levels. In keeping, we developed an interactive website to make it easy for your to create your own longboard based around your style and we pour our hearts into every detail of the production process. Build-A-Board now by selecting from one of the boards in our Lineup below.

Designed and Manufactured for Skaters by Skaters

Watch out for the corporate takeover! Our crew is 100% skateboarders, each with a passion for the sport and a commitment to quality. Our artists build each and every custom longboard to your exact specifications and don't ship a board unless its perfect. Using a specially designed system, custom graphics are hand-printed directly to the raw wood board, which is then double sealed with earth-friendly lacquer and shined to a discreet matte finish. The final product is not just a custom longboard, its art.

Get started by choosing a board above or learn more about how to create a longboard below.

To design and create your custom longboard, first choose your deck from the selection above (please note that you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to use the Interactive Build-A-Board Program - unfortunately customization is not available on iPhone's or iPad's. Yeah, it sucks, we know.). After entering the Build-A-Board Program you will see your deck displayed from a top and bottom perspective. This will be your visual guide as you build a custom longboard and create your masterpiece. To the right you'll see the main navigation with five links corresponding to the five available areas of customization. Below that you'll see your live price, a breakdown of your selection and, further down, your performance meter that will activate when you start comparing the performance features of different trucks, wheels and bearings. There are also a few links to Recommended Setups which are useful if your not sure what to get or just want a good setup to start with.

SEE ALL GRAPHICS - When you first enter the program all of the available graphics will be displayed beneath the customized board image. Flip through the graphics until you find one that suits your style then move onto the CHOOSE COLORS link to the right of the board display. Keep in mind that you can return to the full list of available graphics at any time by clicking the "SEE ALL GRAPHICS" link on the right.

CHOOSE COLORS- When you click the "Choose Colors" button on the right, the Color Palette Panel will open up beneath your custom board. As you'll see, you can custom the BASE COLOR as either a solid or a stain. You can also click the Red-X button to the left to remove the base layer for a natural wood finish. Above the Base Color, you'll see the listed LAYER COLORS. Change each layer by clicking the corresponding color buttons until you find the color combination that fits your style. Again, some layers may be removed by clicking the Red-X button to the left. After you've settled on a graphic design that you like, move onto the CHOOSE TRUCKS link.

CHOOSE TRUCKS- When you click the "Choose Trucks" buttons the available trucks will open up beneath your custom board. All of the trucks displayed are chosen to work with the specific model you are designing. Click on any truck to see how it looks on your custom longboard and see how it affects your performance meter on the right-hand side. If your not sure what trucks to choose, try one of our Recommended Setups links beneath the Performance Meter on the right.

CHOOSE WHEELS- Again, when you click the "Choose Wheels" button the available wheels will open up beneath your custom board. All of the wheels displayed are chosen to work with the specific model you are designing. Flip through the various options to see how they look on your board and notice how the performance meter changes as you toggle through the available wheels.

CHOOSE BEARINGS- Last up, clicking the "Choose Bearings" button will open up all our options for bearings. Choose your fancy and, when you're ready, click the "ADD TO CART" button to be directed to our Secure Shopping Cart.

CHECKING OUT- Once your finished designing and building the perfect board, checking out is simple. Our shopping cart is 100% Secure and accepts both Credit Card and PayPal payments.

QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS- We know its a lot. If you have any questions or problems with the Build A Longboard Process, don't hesitate to call our customer service line at 1-855-NYC-PUSH (extension #1) or email us at ''.

NEW TO LONGBOARDING?- Check out our article THE LONGBOARD FOR THE NEWB -Read more.