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Bruno Pro

For Bruno Sorondo to skate and create. For streets, for parks, for hills.

Suggested Trucks: Independent 169mm or Polar Bear 155mm
Suggest Wheels: Bustin Premier 66mm or Five-O Classic 64mm

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1 x Bruno PRO Deck - Mallorca   +$69.00
Trucks - set of 2
Wheels - set of 4

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bruno pro hybrid longboard specs

Bruno Pro Limited Edition Deck

Bruno the Kid has been turning heads with his innovative, flowing, effortless style for years. It was only a matter of time before he got his own pro-model board. As his style developed more flip-tricks, he transitioned from the Robot and Boombox of yester-year, to the double kicked Yoface 39. With the Yoface, Bruno took on Spain, California, China, and (needless to say) New York City. However, just like any rider, Bruno’s style is constantly developing and evolving.

Bruno Pro Spec longboard


The shape for Bruno’s PRO model was inspired by classic, directional pool shapes; toned down for a subtly unique board. The wider shoulders help to catch your toe for flip tricks, while the longer nose gives very real pop to nollie or fakie variations. Bruno wanted to find the perfect marriage of classic feel and style with innovative functionality, and after months of fine-tuning the profile, we’ve settled on the perfect hybrid of the two; something that can keep up with Bruno’s hybrid style of skating.
Bruno Pro longboard profile PIC
Bruno Pro longboard profile PIC


Bruno runs Polar Bear trucks and O’tang wheels most of the time, and we can’t argue with that! For the perfect fit, we recommend the 155mm Polar Bears with either O’tang Keanu wheels or our very own 64mm Five-0’s. You can set-up an RKP truck on the Bruno, but if you do, remember to use a roughly 150mm or 9’ hangar to keep the wheels under your deck! For the ultimate pool slasher / street crusher, grab a set of Earthwing Slide A’s or Bones SPF wheels.
Bruno Pro longboard profile PIC

Additional Info


  • Skate like Bruno capabilities
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Gap-flying stylizing board feel
  • Directional old-school shape
  • "Did I just land that?"


  • 33.62" Long
  • 8.5" Wide
  • 16.32” WB
  • .375” Concave
  • 6.43” Nose
  • 5.93” Tail

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