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Paris V2 Trucks

There's a reason why Paris trucks have been our biggest sellers since we started putting them on our custom skateboards. They're friggin awesome! We are super stoked on this V2 truck because it takes all the things we know and loved about the original Paris trucks and tightens down the few loose nuts they had from the beginning. The pivot cups fit better around the pivots, the hangers are a little beefier and stronger, and other parts of the truck have had material removed to remain lightweight. What that means to you is that these trucks are going to be a touch more stabile at speed, stronger and longer lasting from all those aerial tricks you're doing, and still just as awesome carvy and smooth as the original Paris V1 trucks. Top it off with a huge assortment of color options so you can have a setup that's as bangin looking as it is riding. Paris backs their trucks with a lifetime warranty. That's rad. Get on board!

new Paris V2 Trucks lineup 2013

Paris V2 180mm Black/Black - set Paris V2 180mm Green/Green - set Paris V2 180mm Pink/Pink - set
Our Price: $52.00

Our Price: $52.00

Our Price: $52.00

Paris V2 180mm Black/Black Longboarding Trucks - Bustin Longboard Store Paris V2 180mm Green/Green Longboarding Trucks - Bustin Longboard Store Paris V2 180mm Pink/Pink Longboarding Trucks - Bustin Longboard Store